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Racism And Other Themes In Disney´S Pocahontas

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The Disney movies of Pocahontas tell a plot of a Native ¬American tribe and English colonists that fight for the land the Native Americans live on though war ultimately creating moderate peace. While keeping to their own sect, the imbalance of power between the two social groups is prevalent throughout much of the story. Walt Disney’s Pocahontas is more than a classic children’s movie. It is a thoughtful, well contrived narration that portrays a message that in order to fit in, you must be a certain race and born into a specific culture. Disney’s Pocahontas suggesting that the color of our skin shouldn’t matter when being accepted into social groups as well as the idea that arranged marriage should be rejected. Thus, treating people right could ultimately have a positive outcome and lastly, the film also suggests that family roles change without a mother figure.
Pocahontas indirectly proclaims that race shouldn’t determine a person’s position in class ranking but the kind of person they are should. The film is based of economic class ranking depending on the color of ones skin. Someone with dark skin is known as a “savage” who lives off the land such as Pocahontas and her tribe. Someone with a white skin is known as a “pale face” that lives with many luxuries such as the British colonists from England in the film. If the Native Americans went into British territory, they would not be welcomed and vise versa. The British colonists would not be welcomed into the Native tribes land. But ultimately by the end, the film focuses on the idea that race shouldn’t matter and that the type of person should. Discrimination amongst races becomes resolved through time and getting to know people. The character John Smith, for example, being a white colonist from England wasn’t accepted into the Native American tribe until the village and its people began to get to know him where they were then able to trust him. He then earned his acceptance into their homeland based on the good person he is. Leading to the next point.
The film suggests that not only does the type of person determine your class ranking as well as creating peace; By treating people the way you want to be treated you get respect. Treating people n positive manners will lead to superior social order by allowing people of different groups to collaborate and get along as long as they treat each other with respect. In the film Johns Smith’s Colony attacked the Natives, thus causing the Natives to retaliate back. When John Smith created peace with the Natives through Pocahontas, the Natives thus took an attempt to accept peace with the colonists. When the Colonists accepted the Natives attempt to create peace, both groups were no longer higher or lower in class ranking. The races helped one another and stayed on the same level.
The film suggests that marriage shouldn’t be accepted. It hints...

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