Racism And The Latino Community Essay

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In this world we are constantly being categorized by our race and ethnicity, and for many people it’s hard to look beyond that. Even though in the past many stood up for equality and to stop racism and discrimination, it still occurs. In this nation of freedom and equality, there are still many people who believe that their race is superior to others. These beliefs are the ones that destroy our nation and affect the lives of many. The people affected are not limited by their age group, sex, social status, or by their education level. Their beliefs can cause them to attack other groups verbally or in silence and even reaching to the point of violence. All of this occurs because we can’t be seen as a “people”, but rather like “species” that need to be classified. An example of racism due to race and ethnicity as categories of identity is seen in the article written by Daphne Eviatar entitled “Report Finds Widespread Discrimination against Latino Immigrants in the South.” In this particular case white supremacy groups discriminate Hispanics that are both legal and illegal in the southern states of America, portraying several theoretical concepts.
“Racism is the practice of discriminating against those alleged to be inferior, either intentionally of without awareness” (Liberman, 36). This is exactly what white supremacy groups such as the Ku Klux Klan are doing; they are targeting Latinos because of their ethnicity. These white supremacy groups see themselves as the superior race and see any other race or ethnicity as intruders that must be removed from the United States. These groups intentionally discriminate against Latinos that are immigrants and those that are legal, because they are inferior to them. The article “concludes that Latinos are frequent victims of theft, workplace discrimination, sexual abuse and violence” (Eviatar, par.1). These racist groups take advantage especially of the illegal Latino population in doing these things, because they believe they have no rights due to their illegal status here in the United States. Also these groups know that many of these Hispanics will not go to police to report these incidents of discrimination and abuse, because they are fearful that in doing so they might get deported. They also discriminate the legal Latinos, because in their eyes they are the same as the illegal ones. The article also portrays the horrific actions of discrimination racist extremist do against Latinos. Eviatar reports the examples of the abuse by stating, “a young mother was arrested and jailed when she asked to be paid for her work in a Tennessee cheese factory; a migrant bean picker whose life savings were confiscated by police during a traffic stop, and a rapist in Georgia going unpunished because his 13-year-old victim is undocumented (par 3). The hate they feel towards this minority group, cause them to commit acts that are unjustifiable. They inflict pain and psychological suffering to Hispanics. This...

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