Racism:Are We Really Moving Foward Essay

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“Racism is still with us. But it is up to us to prepare our children for what they have to meet, and, hopefully, shall overcome.” –Rosa Parks-
As a child there are some memories that really stand out some bad, some good. There was a time I remember waking up every morning before the sun rose with my grandma Thina to make handmade tortillas she would knead and flatten out the dough while I played with the little piece she gave me and smelling the doughy flour that was a great memory. Another memory I’ll never forget I was around nine years old. It was a beautiful spring day and there was always a big group walking with us when we noticed two guys in a Santa suits driving really slow ...view middle of the document...

Where do I fit in? My father is Mexican and Indian and my mother is Irish and French, but the first thing people see first is the Indian or Mexican. Trying to fit in sometimes is very hard; there are so many jokes about different races that I have to learn to let it just roll off of my back on move on. I have had to teach my children we do not judge anyone by the color of our skin because that is not what we were brought here to do. We should treat everyone equally no matter how differently we are, because love gets us a whole lot further than hate.
Parents, relatives, and friends have a big impact on your life and racism actually plays a big part in it and how you confront it. I truly believe racism is one percent taught if you ever watch kids they love playing with each other no matter their skin color, only one time in my thirteen years of teaching in a daycare did I see a four year old white child say to a black child say my daddy said I cannot play with you because my daddy says you are black but that is me putting it nicely. “To me some people grow up learning...

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