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Racism Deteriorates Civilized Society Essay

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Racism is a serious factor that is a constant issue for all civilized societies. My pet peeve, somebody's constant issue or topic of complaint, is racism. Racism is a belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others. I am completely annoyed by people that show animosity towards others because of their race. A civilized society is a highly developed society and culture, which is humane, ethical, and reasonable. Therefore, racism will be an easy and quick method to deteriorate the civilized society. In our society today, we come across many different cultures and ethnicity in a civilized society. Racist discrimination causes inequality for different types of ethnic groups. This causes the society to weaken because some people may feel one race is more superior to another. Another way the society deteriorates is when people feel like they are discarded from the rest. A person may be left out of a certain group because of their race or skin colour. Racism can cause violence and conflict among the races. Violence causes the society to get worse because the society feels unsafe and insecure. Racial discrimination can cause a civilized society to rapidly deteriorate because of the inequality, abandoned feeling, and violence in the society. Some races may feel that they are more dominant or superior to other races because they are the majority. One race may believe they have more power than another because they hold the social, economic, and political power to influence and determine who will have access to the benefits, privileges, and opportunities of the society. Having this power is a privilege which is unearned and only afforded to those who are the more dominant group or race. The less powerful race or culture is singled out in society based on physical or cultural characteristics and is treated differentially and unequally. The civilized society is deteriorated because of the inequality between different races. This causes the society to worsen, because one group may feel like they are ranked in a higher class than other groups and this creates unfairness in the civilized society. The higher ranked races or cultures have more power which means having the desired effects or to influence others for one's own benefit. Racist discrimination can easily cause the civilized society to corrupt and fall apart. Racism can make people feel left out and lonely. Group discrimination exists because of the categorizing of society into them and us. In order to divide society into such categories, it is necessary to see people as part...

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