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Racism During The Holocaust Essay

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From 1933 through 1945 was a period of history called the Holocaust. During the Holocaust, people were being killed for their looks, race, and disability. About 11 million people were killed in brutal and tragic ways. Adolf Hitler, the leader, wanted to create a pure race. Racism helped Hitler organize the population into the way he wanted. He wanted people to support the cause of making a pure race. If people opposed, they would be persecuted. Racism allowed Hitler to influence the German people into following his leadership even if it meant genocide.
People started to become racist because they were being psychologically conditioned. When Hitler came into power, Germanys living ...view middle of the document...

It also says that if they believe what they are doing is right, then they will follow and do whatever they are ordered (“”). No one was opposing the party, so the only option was to participate. Those who didn’t agree with Hitler were persecuted. None of the people wanted that, so their only choice was to join the racism act. During this time, children were taught in school about Hitler’s idea of a perfect race. Since they were so young, it was easy to get them to support and follow the rules and practices Hitler was forming. The children were being pressured by their peers to follow the racism that was being created.
Before the Holocaust began, Germany was at its economic low point. They had just been defeated in World War I. Most of the population didn’t have jobs. Because they were humiliated in the war, the people did not have the German spirit. By that I mean that they were not confident in the government and were unsure if Germany had any power. When Hitler came along, he raised their hopes. The Germans were willing to follow anyone who could pull them out of the state they were currently in. Hitler used this to his advantage by reconstructing the weak mind set of the German people. He was able to get many followers, allowing him to try to create a perfect race. The people looked at Hitler like he was a god. They believed that his ideas were the only way they could get out of the economic struggle. His ways were immoral and unjustified. The Germans were desperate enough to do anything in order to not live in poverty.
Hitler’s ideal race was someone who was tall, had blonde hair, blue eyes, was healthy and smart, and had Aryan ancestors. Anyone who was not in that range got their rights taken away. Jews were mostly targeted because Hitler blamed them for all of Germany’s problems. In A Teacher’s Guide to the Holocaust, it says that in 1935 the Nuremburg Laws were...

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