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Racism In American Society Essay

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In American society racism is still alive today. The racial conflict that still exists is a reflection of the racist attitudes of the people in American society. To help eliminate or reduce racism people must have an understanding of its root cause. Racism was first institutionalized in society to exploit African labor to preserve the power, privilege and wealth of the European Americans. To this day, racism survives because people still believe that power and supremacy should be distributed to only whites. Some people believe racial differences produce natural superiority in European Americans, and natural inferiority to African Americans. The disturbing reality of American society today is that people identify others as being in groups and not seen on a personal level. Whole groups of people are generalized and from this stereotypes and prejudice thoughts are developed. We see racism as a form of organized discrimination against or excluding people. Racism is the ability to impose that discrimination in a way that invades the ability of a group or race to develop.Racism is pretty much supported in our society today. Many African Americans refer to each others in many derogatory terms and slang. That just tells other races that it is socially acceptable to call African Americans whatever derogatory comments they want. The terms that are said to one another have become almost commonplace when they used to be taboo Even throughout the media there is racism all over the place. Like with Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana, in the news there were several shots taken that just show the racism in today's...

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