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Throughout the past few decades the film and entertainment business has seen a dramatic overhaul. Through the advancements of technology, the growth of multimedia outlets has grown exponentially. To put this in perspective, the number of viewers who've watched the first Super Bowl in 1967 was over 24 million viewers, but the most recent Super Bowl had over 111 million viewers. Media has grown and has become at least a minor part of everyone’s life. Although technology and the entertainment industry has accelerated since the 60's a few things have stayed stagnant, stereotypes and prejudice notions. These inimical notions has found its roots in modern media. Although media can serve to be ...view middle of the document...

..” (399). This quote Pozner depicts how advertisers don’t feel the need to change up their methods, even with the ever changing American culture. America is trying to progress towards equality, no matter what the race or gender of an individual. If advertisers don’t change their tactics to a much more benevolent attitude towards it's viewers, many of these stereotypes will never die. If individuals are immersed in prejudice and bigotry this will desensitize many of them and they will think of it as something miniscule even though this matter is a monumental problem in American culture. Without the change in advertisements there will be no change in equality.
One thing America is know for is its entertainment business. America spends billions of dollars annually on T.V shows and movies. It's a big part of American culture. That is why it is crucial to banish any type of prejudice mindset that can imbed in naive viewers minds. Since the young viewers see that it's on TV they automatically assume that it is okay, since the viewers know that networks wouldn't broadcast anything inappropriate. This sets the youth to form questionable morals that have been molded from television. These adolescent teens could develop preconceived notions to a set group of people. This can cause bigotry and not only halt equality, but actually reverse it. An example of this could be the portrayal of the young adults on the show “The Real World”. Pozner states “ Viewers tend to believe that the caricatures they've seen on reality TV match participants' real life personalities, regardless of the truth or falseness of that person's portrait.” (402). What Pozner means by this is that many directors try to give out the image of an individual that will attract the most viewers. This relates to The Real World because on the show it portrays these individuals only partying and engaging in risky behavior with a whole lot of drama on top of that. What the show fails to show viewers is that some of the characters on the show are well educated and aren't as dimwitted as they might be perceived to be. This in itself can cause unjustified stereotypes...

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