Racism In Othello And Elizabethan Society

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William Shakespeare’s Othello, The Moor of Venice is a captivating tragedy that not only keeps the audience entertained by the drama and scandal, but also sheds new light on the perspective of the Europeans during the Elizabethan era and Othello’s role as an Englishman. Othello, based off of the controversial representation of blacks, was written in a manner that perfectly displays the true nature of the Europeans during this time period. Shakespeare opens the first act with Iago, the antagonist, yelling to Brabantio a visually graphic description of his “daughter covered with a Barbary horse” and racial inferences of Othello as “an old black ram/ Is tupping your white ewe” ...view middle of the document...

This is just one of the few example of how during the Elizabethan era racism was a huge driving factor for most people, but what was the driving factor for the acceptance of a black general like Othello? Despite Othello’s background, all his people took pride in him, they trusted him, and truly believed that he had the purest intentions. Once race and the connection of interracial marriage becomes a factor between Othello and Desdemona, Othello starts to believe the racism towards him might be true. The Moor of Venice is true isolation not in terms of his social role but only in terms of race. He is the one Moor in Venice that everyone has their eyes on, not only as general but as a Moor in power. Iago, wants nothing more then to see Othello dead.
In modern Shakespeare the protagonist would be looked at as an immigrant to society, rather than Othello being looked at as an alien to the European society during the Elizabethan era based off his distinctive physical difference. When Brabantio is addressing his daughter in regards to marrying a black man he questions why she would, “Run from her guardage to the sooty bosom/ Of such a thing as thou-to fear, not to delight.” (I.2.70-71). At this point Brabantio has stripped any human qualities from Othello by calling him “thing.” Brabantio completely shames Othello the minute he finds out he married his daughter, taking no consideration for the tremendous sacrifices Othello has made for his people. Immediately we see the evil that comes out of the Venetian people when crossed, all legitimacy goes out the window when a European is crossed by a Moor, even one in rank. Throughout the play Othello himself uses the term black in reference to Moor’s, “Her name, that was as fresh/As Dian’s visage, is now begrime and black/ As mine own face” how Desdemona’s reputation was as pure and white as Dianna the goddess of the moon, but is not dirty and tainted like the color of his skin. (III.3.386-387). I also believe that this can be looked at in the context of Othello once including himself as part of the Venetian society, but now that Desdemona has forever ruined his reputation by making him a cuckhold he will never be up to the Venetian standards. She has tainted him for good.
Shakespeare’s use of the word ‘black’ about fifty times through out the play, was not only in the connotation of a person with dark skin, but because the audience is comfortable and understands the different meanings behind them depending on the context. Black magic was a huge controversy at the time; Othello even admits that he used magic on Desdemona to fall in love with him through the stories he told her. When the Duke is trying to persuade Brabantio into accepting his daughters marriage to Othello he reminds him, “And, noble signor,/If virtue no delighted beauty lack,/Your son-in-law is fairer than black” (I.3.288-290). In this context “fair” means “white” as well as...

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