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Racism In The Men Who Would Be King

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In the Men Who Would Be King both Peachy and Danny show that they are racist. This is seen in both Hudson’s version of the story and in Kipling’s version of the story. In Kipling’s version of the story there are variations of how racism is displayed, even though Danny and Peachy go into depth on reasons why they are not racist. In Hudson’s version of the story, the men are much more open about their racist comments than in the book. This may because the races discussed in the movie are different in the book than in the film. Either way, Peachy and Danny are racist towards the native people because they would not try to force their new beliefs and way of life upon them if they were not ...view middle of the document...

Even when the two men become gods it can be seen that they often ignore the needs of their disciples. Although this is arguably not racism, and only the traits of a bad ruler. Yet a man who is a bad ruler would care about the well being of his own people, while a racist would ignore the well being of any person that is not in their interest. During these indirect racist acts, it cannot be ignored that Peachy and Danny treat their new subjects like dogs. They would order attacks on other Khafiri states, wanting the wars to be as bloody and entertaining as possible. The men not only order the death of the Khafiri people but encourage it to happen even further.
In the film, a visual representation of the Khafiri people is given, but historically this representation may not be true as depicted in the book. The direct race of the Khafiri people in never specified in the book, so as far as the readers know, they could be light, or even white skinned. Just by the way that the two men speak of their fellow white companions, they would...

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