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Racism is a belief that a particular race is superior and better that other minor or specific races. It is a very aggressive behavior towards members of another race that can cause an enormous amount of hate and separation between society members. It is very bitter to realize that even though we are living in the twenty first century and yet racism still exists in our lives. It’s even worse when we realize that it exists in places such as sports. In America, sports plays an important role in the social life and economy. One of the most popular sports in the United States is basketball. Its league is called the National Basketball Association. “The NBA began back in 1946 and was founded by ...view middle of the document...

.. I’m not normally one to pull the race card, but in this case it’s difficult not to” (On Bill Russell…). The author of this article provides us a clear example that makes us question and believe that racism has something to do with this fact and it’s has been an ongoing topic in the NBA. The article mentions all those white great men that have contributed to numerous sports accomplishments to the city of Boston and how all of them deserve to have statues that appreciate their achievements while the guy that brought the most accomplishments to the city and made the city’s team the most successful franchise in the NBA still doesn’t have one. Three great white men have statues while the other great black man doesn’t. This clear astonishing fact gives us the pure picture to look out for that racism is indeed in the sport that is considerably the second if not the most popular sport in America. Bill Russell and many believed that the city of Boston was considered a racist city due to the hatred and discrimination their greatest player faced during his NBA career. One incidents that happened to Bill Russell during his time with Boston was when a “Kentucky restaurant refused to serve Russell a meal” (On Bill Russell…). Several arguments were made about that incident and it was said that it is definitely due to the color of his skin. It is beyond belief to find out that great people can be treated in such a disrespectful way such as the way Bill Russell was treated. This speaks to itself, racism in the NBA is in fact true, and it is in fact a brutal thing to hear about because our responsibility as fans who love to watch the game is to judge players based on the way they perform on the court not based on the color of their skin. It is absolutely ridiculous that fans do that to players.
When the twenty first century began, many people hoped that racism in sports and particularly in the NBA will come to an end. Unfortunately, it never did and based on experts’ opinions, it will never stop in the upcoming future. When there was a lockout in the NBA back in 2011, negotiations between owners and players were extremely heated which led the “NBA union attorney Jeffrey Kessler to latch onto Gumbel’s comparison and accused the league of treating players like ‘plantation workers’ ” (Rupert). These comments brought so much attention to the media and fans and made them question the idea that owners are compared to plantation owners while players are just innocent poor working people. This concept reminds us of how slaves used to be treated from their owners. It is very shocking that this idea can be brought to our minds. A similar idea was brought to people’s attention back in 2003 when a photo was released to the media showing “ the new forms of branded basketball shackled via a chain to the ankle of a player whose actual body and face remained out of sight. Instead we only see the legs…” (Carrington, 109). When Lebron James departure from his former team the...

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