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Racism In Today’s World Essay

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It is commonly believed that racism is not born but taught. According to a quote from CLR James, "The conception of dividing people by race begins with the slave trade. This thing was so shocking, so opposed to all the conceptions of society which religion and philosophers had…that the only justification by which humanity could face it was to divide people into races and decide that the Africans were an inferior race" (Roots 1). The novel, To Kill A Mockingbird, shows the racial views of the white population towards the black minority in the eyes of a young girl named Jean Louise Finch or her more commonly known nickname Scout. Although as a reader we understand more, watching Scout try to ...view middle of the document...

Racism can go both ways. It is not just the white population being racist towards the black. The black can be racist towards the white folk as well. This is discovered when the reader sees how Lula treats Scout and Jem in chapter twelve. Lula seems quite upset that Calphurnia brought two white children to First Purchase Church. She ends up going on to say that the children had their own church and that they had no business being in hers (Lee 121-22). This just comes to show the real problem at hand. Lula is the type of character who only sees the children, Scout and Jem, for their skin color. It's quite sickening that some only see that physical trait. If we think about it, Mrs. Dubose is almost like Lula's white counterpart. They both are racist towards others with different skin. Neither fears showing their hatred about others either. This is apparent when Mrs. Dubose yells, "Your father's no better than the niggers and trash he works for" (Lee 106). Thinking about it, we can come to the conclusion that a very famous saying is true. One bad apple does spoil the bunch. It is apples like Lula and Mrs. Dubose that cause such tensions between the two groups. The point in which I am trying to reach is that, though some of the people of Maycomb are racist, not all of them are. Some, like Atticus, are entirely against racism. If only more people would follow his intelligent lead instead of being weak-minded, pathetic racist. Forevermore, the county of Maycomb would be a much better and loving place for all men of white or colored skin.
Does someone truly have the right to say that their way is right over someone else's? The mindset of "I'm right your wrong" has been going on since the beginning of time. At one point in our history we considered ourselves civilized while any other groups were deemed not (Lewis 1). Though thinking about it, this concept is still being used to this day. Generally speaking, a thought or belief going through are mind is considered right. Rarely do we look at ourselves and disagree with ourselves. Therefore, we believe our way is right...

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