Racism Is Decreasing In America Essay

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The United States is constantly in a state of change. Economically, socially, and politically it is always developing country with that has come a long way in a number of areas. Arguably the issue that has come the farthest is how people in America view and treat minorities. It is no secret that over the course of history America has a long track record of treating minorities poorly. This being said it is hard to deny that the United States has come a long way to becoming a more colorblind society. Through interviews as well as my personal experiences I can safely say due to, political, educational, and social changes in the United States, the country is more color blind now than it was in the past, and it will continue to grow more and more color blind as we progress farther into history.
Usually, before any serious changes are made in the United States that government first must get involved. This was definitely the case when it came to race relations in the United States. Up until the 1960’s blacks and other dark minorities were subjected to segregated public works. Schools, buses, and even water fountains were all separate and often of lesser quality. That all changed however when in 1964 Congress passed the civil rights act. This act not only abolished segregation of all kinds in the United States but also made it illegal and punishable under law. (Simon) Although at the time this law caused a lot controversy by people who believed in segregation, it laid the ground work for a better life in the future for people of color. A good example of this is my grandfather, Tom O’Connell, who grew up and worked in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia from the 1940’s until now. “Initially I grew up not really respecting or liking black people, I believed segregation was there for a reason and I fully supported it. I was even upset when the law was initially signed and had no problem expressing my distaste. That being said, looking back almost 50 years later I am disgusted in the way I viewed not only black people but also all minorities. If the government wouldn’t have passed those laws I would have never been forced to change the way I think about minorities. It’s obviously clear they should be able to enjoy the same rights I do, I am just thankful someone had the foresight in politics to make the changes when they did” (O’Connell) This is a perfect illustration on how politics helped lay the framework for change in race relations In the United States. My grandfather, who was a typical southern white male, initially, couldn’t stand the fact that minorities were getting the rights they deserve. Now 50 years later he feels ashamed for the way he felt. Additionally, he has a son who has opportunity to grow up in a country completely free of segregation. I can only imagine how people will feel another 50 years from now about minorities in America. It is a great example of the political system making the proper changes in...

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