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Racism Is Still Booming In The U.S

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Feeling unwanted can be the most heartbreaking sensation to experience, but being told that you don’t belong because of something as simple as race is infinitely more crushing. In the US, this is still very common; and not just against one race. There are many towns, even states that are considered oriented towards one race. This is especially horrid because people try to say that racism is a thing of the past, when the truth is nearly the opposite. For example, if a white-black mixed couple were to display affection in public, chances are that they would either be shunned or given dirty looks and/or snarky remarks. Also, another big factor that keeps racism going is the fact that it is ...view middle of the document...

7% of the population is Hispanic, 3.3% is white, and less than 1% is Black, Asian, or any other race. From those statistics alone, one would easily be able to see that there isn’t enough diversity to practice equality yet without having a minority.
Racism in the Media
In most areas of the media, racist comments are taken one of two ways; either they are considered extremely offensive, or taken as nothing more than a joke. It’s understandable for people to make jokes so that they may ease tension and possibly make friends, but if it is socially acceptable for one race to make fun of itself, would it not be acceptable for them to crack a joke or two about another? If not, then why is it acceptable for them to make fun of their own race? However, these kind of questions aren’t applied to the media unless to persecute celebrities for doing the same things that other celebrities still do; but the difference is that the people who say offensive things about their own race aren’t deemed racist.
If one were to pay attention to the lyrics of most hip-hop/rap music, they would find that there are many racial slurs. But because the artists who wrote said slurs are using them against their own race, it isn’t considered racist. For example, according to an...

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