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Radar Essay

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The Radar
The Origin of the Radar:
Radar came about during the days of World War II, although people understood what a radars purpose was much sooner than the 1930s. The radar was used in World War II to try to locate aircraft and other ships that were a threat to that country. Radar is a name that was given to it by the United States Navy, and is really an acronym for “Radio Detection And Ranging.” In the early 1900s, the Titanic sailed the deep blue sea for the first and last time. Since the sinking of the Titanic had been caused due to a lack of knowing that there was an iceberg ahead, it was much harder to avoid it, due to the rough weather. The radar was then, after a few tweaks, found to be effective for locating storms and other bad weather. Another use of a radar is to detect movement and speed of objects passing by. This is most commonly used by police officers, in a form that is widely known as a “radar gun.”

How Radar Works:
Radars work by sending out wave frequencies, and then detecting the object once the waves are sent back from the target. The wavelengths are usually microwaves, but the type of wave is not strictly a microwave. The strength of the returning signal helps determine what the object is.

United States Navy:
The United States Navy is constantly using radar in order to do their job and protect our great country. Radar can be used to track enemy combatant units, as well as show you which ones are friendly vessels or craft. Without the use of the radar system, WWII may have gone differently on the United States' part, because it was a big help for the Allies. This technological advance has also been used to guide missiles with utmost precision. Not only is it used in wartime or other hostile situations, but it is also the main way that the Navy navigates their ships and manages other formations of vessels, such as the once very popular convoy system. Currently, the Navy's most powerful radar system is located on its Aegis class ships and carriers. The Aegis system is the most advanced and accurate radar system used by the United States Navy to date.

Weather Radar:
Radar is widely used for locating solid objects and navigation, but is more commonly known to be used for weather detection. On News stations, you always hear talk about their...

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