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Radiant Energy Essay

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The methodology for this experiment required a lot of careful measurement and calculations. The procedure consisted of many detailed steps to ensure accuracy when recording measurements. This experiment was carried out in an enclosed, darkened room because the the nature of the experiment requires a controlled temperature. Carrying out eight trials for each color of construction paper was a more accurate way of collecting a large quantity of data. In this experiment there were five groups of material (color) and eight experimental units in each group. There was a total of forty sheets of construction paper used; eight sheets of each of the five colors. The reason for testing ...view middle of the document...

There are five groups of differently colored construction paper (white, black, red, blue, and yellow), with 8 experimental units in each group. The paper’s dimensions are 8.5” x 11”. There will be eight trials conducted, and there will be new experimental units used for each trial to prevent change in pigmentation due to the constant exposure to a strong light source.

Statistical Analysis
Null hypothesis: Each color tested will have the same point of equilibrium of absorption of radiant energy. The statistical testing that will be done to analyze the data collected is the calculation of standard deviation, and from that the creation of a bell curve. The use of a least squares regression line will also be implemented in order to determine the point at which equilibrium is reached for each color of paper.

The steps for preparation are as follows: Set up the table at the experiment site. Wipe it down with a clean washcloth. Set up the sun lamp directly above the middle of the table. Place an experimental unit from each group on the table. Use the infrared thermometer to take basal temperatures for all experimental units, and record those measurements.
The steps for experimentation are as follows: Take note of the temperature of the room at the start of the experiment. Once the basal measurements are taken and recorded, take all of the sheets of paper from the table, except for the white sheet, which should be left directly underneath the sun lamp. Turn off the lights in the experiment site, turn on the sun lamp, and start the timer. Every 20 seconds, use the infrared thermometer to measure...

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