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Radiation: When The World Calls
Cancer statistics show that "In 2004, nearly one million patients were treated with radiation therapy" (www.rtanswers.com). Cancer has consumed our world, everyday we learn of new treatments, the details of related studies, and how to avoid being the next victim. Radiation uses its powers to cure, shrink, and control the vast types of cancer. There are several types of radiation, from pediatrics to cost efficient, because cancer does not discriminate the victims it preys upon.
What Is Radiation?
"Radiation, taken from the Greek “radius” (meaning beam of light) is the outward emission of energy from a central source" (http://www.medicalradiation.com). ...view middle of the document...

What Are The Types Of Radiation?
There are a myriad of radiation techniques, ionizing radiation destroys any tissue the beam passes through. Killing cells and altering genes to end any further reproduction of the deadly cancer cells. Photon beams are a type of ionizing radiation, it being the most common choice among radiation therapy, because it has the strongest effect on cancer. It is a high energy beam penetrating the skin invasively, to kill and destroy cancer cells. The radioactive substance needed to do this procedure comes from cesium, cobalt, and other man made sources of radiation. Another type of ionizing radiation is the particle beam. Used less than the photon beam, the particle beam uses a weaker source of radiation. Due to the weakness of the beam this type of radiation must be used in glands, and cancers close to the skin at the surface of the body. Often this radiation is used when other forms do not work on ones cancer.
Who Works With Radiation?
A group of well educated adults works with every cancer patient, this group consist of radiation technicians, radiation therapist, radiologist and oncologist. A radiation technician is educated in the anatomy of the body, positioning for therapy, and administrating radiation...

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