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“The conduct and manners of women, in fact, evidently prove that their minds are not in a healthy state; for, like the flowers which are planted in too rich a soil, strength and usefulness are sacrificed to beauty; and the flaunting leaves, after having pleased a fastidious eye, fade, disregarded on the stalk, long before the season when they ought to have arrived at maturity” (Wollstonecraft 7). This is a view in which several feminists abide with and can relate to; the idea that women have the wrong intentions and goals for their lives, that they are treated like children and are predestined to act like children, instead of adults. Although the Vindication of the Rights of Woman by Mary Wollstonecraft was written in 1972, this perception of woman still exists all around the world and is a major topic of debate among feminists. Several aspects of life in modern western society degrade and belittle woman, and although equality is the law in countries such as Canada and the United States of America, TV shows, movies and music tell different. Lana Del Rey is a popular female artist in North America and Europe, she recently released a new album called Born to Die. This album is very controversial among Radical feminists because many aspects of it, such as the lyrics contribute to the belittlement of women.
Radical Feminism comes from second wave feminism, it was created due to the failure of social and liberal feminism to strongly address the position of women in society (Heywood 242). This form of feminism began its dominance in the 1960's and 1970's, unlike other forms of feminism, it seeks to un dress patriarchy and to observe how it affects women in politics, the economy and most importantly social life (Heywood 242). In radical feminism, the term patriarchy is used to describe the traditional family structure of the man being in charge, it also refers to androgyny in general, which is the male focus and dominance. Because of this traditional structure, women have been treated as second class citizens throughout every day life. Androgyny is found in politics, family structure and social life. It is the idea what the male will always be the dominant character and will always be in charge of the important decision. Women are treated almost equal to children. “Women are conditioned to a passive sexual role” (Heywood 242), Radical feminists seek to abolish the sexual roles which have been assigned to women; they seek to exterminate that image of the dominance of men over women in rap videos and movies. The main issues of radical feminism are women's liberation, patriarchy, gender equality and sexual politics. The progress in which feminists occur to achieve is set back daily by the media and individuals such as Lana Del Rey.
Within the album Born to Die, there are several songs with lyrics that display a meaning which defeats the purpose of what radical feminists are attempting to achieve in todays day and age. The lyrics on Lana Del Rey's...

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