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Radical Islam Essay

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With over 30 Islamic terrorist attacks around the world in September alone, something must be done about radical Islam. All terrorist attacks from car bombing to chemical attacks have severe repercussions on the people in the immediately surrounding communities as well as the world. In America we see terrorist attacks as a major but fairly infrequent problem. In mostly Islamic countries such as Syria or Egypt, they are merely part of life. Although there are many ways we can deal with radical Islam, how we will deal with it has yet to be seen.

To begin, lets look at the reasons for these terrorist attacks. Some radical Islamist groups believe that terrorism is a way to show that western ...view middle of the document...

First, there are those who deny Islamic radicals. Many Muslims fall under this category as they do not want to accept the fact that people of their faith are doing such awful things. They often try to say that radical groups only look at the teachings of the Koran that pertain to violence and holy war. They also try combating such groups by rallying them to interpret the Koran as one message rather that multiple messages that can all be received one at a time. They do not make much progress in the resolution of such Islamic radical groups as many just push them aside presuming that all Muslims are the same.

Another group is one composed of those trying to blame radical Islam on foreign policies. They say that policies set in place by western governments are what anger the radicals and make them commit such acts of terror. They also link this to the fact that radical Islam is almost always the tie between two suicide bombings. I find this a highly illogical argument as it would be difficult to convince any sane person that western foreign policies are the reason that Muslims barbarically kill their own people in the middle east.

A final group is one that believes that we must show tolerance to the Islam just for being a religion. They must clarify themselves though in saying that either they show tolerance for Islamic law or do that they tolerate Muslim religious rights but deny them these barbaric...

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