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Executive SummaryAdvertising in general expresses the positioning. Powerful advertising is the result of powerful planning. Great ideas and great ad campaigns don't just pop out from no where, they are built on the key communication points that motivate sales.Radio is entirely a medium of sound, which evokes smells, sensations and visual images which brings the listeners imaginations into play.Radio advertising is one of the tools of advertising which is effectively used for communication and positioning. It is one of the foundations for effective and successful advertising. Radio can be used effectively for advertisement since it can target the large audience because of its high reach. Radio is good at increasing awareness about the brand and business and helping in building the brand image.But all this was only for pure academic purpose. With the advent of television radio lost its popularity and thus its purpose with the marketers. This led to sharp declines in the proportion of advertisement spending on radio as compared to other media.But then came the governments order on liberalization and privatization. This brought about loads of changes in the world of radio broadcasting in India. Prominent and established companies entered the business of FM Broadcasting.FM broadcasting has breathed a new life into the medium of Radio in the past few months. Could radio now think this as a new phase of its life or a re-birth? Of course yes, people are today talking only Radio---- Radio Mirchi, Radio City, RED, Go and WIN. One will find people with radio sets of different shapes and sizes listening to their favourite music on roads, in hotels, even the bidi shops aired on any of the music channels. The radio channels are now vying against each other to provide their best to the listenersHowever one can see that although radio is an excellent medium it has been used to its full potential and various efforts should be taken to improve it as with proper direction radio can reach heights as it is the cheapest and a very good medium.ObjectiveThrough this project my objective has been to understand the following•To find out about the current scenario of the radio industry.•The reasons for a stunted growth of the industry•The various steps in radio advertisement•Realizing the needs and wants of consumers and fulfilling them•What the various radio stations have to offer the masses.Research MethodologyThrough this project I have made an effort to understand the advertisng tool called radio advertising which is being increasingly recognized by marketers as a powerful tool that helps in finding new customers and retaining the existing ones at a much lesser cost.Primary Research:The aim of primary research was to understand radio advertising as it is seen in the corporate world. To understand this I have taken two interview from different fields.Mr. Madhav Joshi who is currently working in Leo Burnett who helped me understand what all goes...

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