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Radio Advertising Targets College Students Essay

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Companies use various media strategies to reach their target markets. Whether the company is using an in-house or external advertising group, a media plan has to be put in place. An advertising analysis helps outline the advertising strategy to include what media will be used and sets the budget. A company may even hire a media agency to handle the media planning and buying. Mediums of advertising include television, radio, magazines, newspaper, and outdoor advertising.
Advertisers select the appropriate media mix for their campaign factoring in reach and frequency. Television continues to have the largest influence on consumers (Clow & Baack, 2014, p. 217). Radio also has its advantages as consumers are often listening to it as they are stuck in traffic. Radio is great for advertisers with small budgets and local target markets. Radio can also be effective for reaching specific market groups such as college kids.
Local Radio Stations
There are a variety of radio stations that reach the geographic location of Snyder, Texas. Some of these stations are:
KSNY – Country; KLYD – Classic Rock; KGWB – Classic Hits and New Rock Alternative; KBCY – Country; KHYS – Classic Rock; KCDD – Hit Music; KEYJ – New Rock Alternative; and KGNZ – Christian.
Radio is probably one of the best means of reaching college students. Students are generally playing music while they are studying. Radio music is normally playing in student centers. KGWB is an on-campus radio station at Western Texas College in Snyder. The station plays classic hits during the day for the pleasure of the adult listeners and New Rock Alternative music during the evenings for the students. Advertisers on local KSNY 101.5 can reach college students that prefer country music especially the students that are on the college rodeo team. KLYD targets local listeners that prefer the classic hard rock. These three stations are great for keeping college students informed about what is going on locally. KGNZ’s Christian broadcasting offers advertisers the opportunity to reach a more specific college target group.
Of course, the majority of college students listen to today’s hit music. Hit music stations like KBCY with country hits or KCDD with the Top 40 have the most advantage of reaching college students particularly if they have popular DJs, contests and other promotions. The advertisers on these stations include owners of sports bars, clubs, restaurants and special event promoters.
Other Advertising Mediums
Billboard or...

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