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Radio And Tv Broadcasting Commercial Analysis Assignment

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Haribo Commercial URL:

TV Commercial Analysis

My analysis is on the Haribo commercial of 2017, among one of the best spots on television. The

product being sold in this commercial are Haribo Gummy Bears. The commercial features a room full of

Haribo Company executives describing different aspects of the gummy bears. However, an ingenious

comedic element is implemented as all of the executives speak like children throughout the commercial.

Haribo’s slogan is "Haribo macht Kinder froh – und Erwachsene ebenso" ("Haribo makes

children happy – and adults as well"); and that mantra is perfectly represented through this commercial.

The message they convey is that Haribo Gummy Bears are enjoyable for everyone at any age. The

commercial suggests that Haribo Gummy Bears brings out the inner child in adults. Therefore, the

commercial falls perfectly in line with the company’s slogan, exemplifying brand consistency.

The sponsor wants to promote the gummy bears by appealing to a wide audience of both children

and adults. They do so in a creative and...

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