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Radio Frequency Emissions Essay

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One late summer evening I was watching the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. If you are a frequent viewer of Late Night, infomercials account for the majority of the advertising. To this day, I remember Safe Cell Tab being advertised as a sticker-like device that would reduce the risk of cancer when using it with a wireless phone. According to Wikipedia, sixty percent of the world’s population owns a cell phone. There are roughly 6.7 billion people in the world. This means on any given day 4 billion people are exposed to cellular phones. If cell phones have the potential to cause harm to the human body, then why does America only see 15,000 new cases of brain cancer per year? The two figures don’t add up which leads me to believe that cell phones are not cancer-causing devices.
Ever since the invention of the wireless telegraph, electromagnetic waves have become a necessity for communication. The electromagnetic frequency spectrum starts at 3 hertz and progresses to 3 quintillion hertz. As the number of hertz increases, the higher the amount of oscillations in given period of time. To give you an idea of where wireless devices stand on the spectrum, refer to the image below.

To the right of the ultraviolet sector is the dividing line between non-ionizing radiation and ionizing. The difference in behavior is ionizing radiation has the intensity to remove electrons from the atoms. A good example would be newborns from Chernobyl, Ukraine. Following the nuclear reactor meltdown in 1986, cases of infant mortality and deformations were prevalent. However non-ionizing radiation dose not have a high enough frequency to cause cancer. Of all the types of non-ionizing radiation, only ultraviolet rays have been established as a cancer-causing agent (Brain Cancer Treatment Information). Therefore, the only manmade devices that use non-ionizing radiation are tanning beds.
Scientific studies have focused on the question of whether there is a risk of getting brain cancer for those who use mobile phones compared to non-users. Two types of studies are generally used to investigate suspected cancer causes: epidemiological studies, which look at the incidence of a disease in...

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