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Whenever Pat Matheny’s guitar play comes into hearing my heart flutters. It was the signal song of my favorite radio program of my teenage. By listening to the radio, I could forget about the harsh competition in school. It also helped me to develop my own cultural taste. The radio was a close friend of my teenage cheering me up.
Teenage considered as golden period. However, during the “golden” period, we were under full of stress ironically. We had to confront insensitive competition and learn how to survive in a society. Once a month, classroom was full of heavy atmosphere because teacher rearranged our seats in order of grades. The students who seat in the front row couldn’t hide sense ...view middle of the document...

When I was a child I had a cynical attitude toward popular songs. At that time dance music was big trend. Singers on TV wore strange costumes and danced. Girls in my age were very fond of the TV stars and they collected the singers’ pictures and movie clips. However I tended to be conservative and withdrawn at that time, so I couldn’t understand the girls who chases after the TV stars. I wanted to be different from the other puberty girls. I didn’t want to be one of the ordinary people. The songs from the radio were different from the songs on TV. I thought knowing different genre ??!!. Midnight was magical time. Its mood enhancing effect affects to the attractiveness of all the sounds I heard.
When DJ’s sweet voice introduced songs, I stopped studying, closing my eyes and listening to it very carefully. He was very intelligent so explained music in a very fun way. Every single sound in the music came to my mind, and it touched my heart. Delicate strings, weighty base, rhythmic drums and the stories in them. All the songs from the radio were fascinating. I got to have interests toward music, and felt joy of learning about music.
The sounds from the radio were not a just electric wave but a warm place where people were gathered. There were thousands of stories from...

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