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The Movie “Radio” is said to be based on a true story, and although most of the story was true, there were quite a lot of differences between the movie and real life events. There were changes that had to be made simply because of the time period that the movie was set in. There were things that had to be left out or condensed in order to keep the story short enough to make it into a film. There were also events added that did not actually happen but were used to create a more exciting movie.
Many things needed to be changed slightly to make filming easier. One change was the location. Although Anderson, South Carolina was the real town, It looked too modern so it was decided to use another South Carolina town called Walterboro. Walterboro still had an older feel to it and required less work to make it look like 1976, when the film was set. The film makers had the same sort of problem when choosing a school. The real High school, T L Hanna HS in Anderson had also been ...view middle of the document...

In this movie, the relationships that were at the center of the story spanned many years. The film makers had to condense a couple of years of the relationship into what seemed like only a couple of months in the movie. One example of how things were condensed was when it seemed like Radio did not speak for about the first twenty minutes of the movie, in reality it took Radio weeks to be brave enough to utter his first few words to the coach. In order for all of the important parts of the real story of how Radio became a part of the Coaches life and involved with Hanna HS, the story had to be moved along. The film makers needed Radios character in the movie to start communicating closer to the beginning of the film to keep it interesting.
Like many movies based on a true story, “Radio” did have some added scenes that were created for the film in order to add excitement and suspense. These events are not added to fool us, but to keep the audience interested. In the movie, the coach actually quits his job with the football team. This was to show the viewer’s how serious he was about helping Radio. Quitting showed that he felt Radio was more important than football. In reality, this never happened. Most people understood already how important Radio was to Coach. Another fictional scene was in the equipment room. Radio was never taped up and abused for taking a football. Radio also never got talked into entering the girl’s locker room. These scenes were all created to add some excitement to the film. In reality the most trouble Radio ever got into involved being talked into pulling the fire alarm at the school. This act resulted in Radio taking a ride to the police station in the town police car.
The makers of this movie about Radio’s life and experiences at T L Hanna High school did a good job showing us a lot of real information. Most of what was shown in the movie really did happen. Anything that was added for excitement, or to build suspense did not ruin the truth of the real story. Radio’s life story was truly inspiring.

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