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The angel sitting in the back seat of the Impala was bored. There was no other word for it. Sofiel was flat out bored, and the Winchesters hadn't even walked away yet. They were still standing outside of her rolled down window, giving her a quick idea of what was going on.
"Sof," Dean said. "Stay in the car until we get back. Don't touch anything. Just stay there." Sam gave a roll of his eyes as his older brother walked away. Dean cared for that car as if it were his ow child.
"We'll be right back," he added. With that, he turned around and jogged a bit to catch up. Sofiel heaved out a sigh. Just because her vessel was a fifteen year old girl didn't mean that she was. She was far older than ...view middle of the document...

She didn't often show that surprise, but it did kickstart her senses. It was constantly on vibrate, making it sound like some hideous creature was nearby when it went off.
Sofiel fumbled around with the phone, pressing random buttons and cringing at the noises when she realized she had done something wrong. This was all foreign ground for her, she couldn't figure any of it out. But finally a message appeared on the screen. She murmured the message out loud, squinting to read the text better.
"Text Message from 0000000," she mumbled. "I can't wait to meet you. I was going to say see you, but I think you'll find that's not exactly the case." After reading this, she shook her head. Was this supposed to be some sort of prank? Humans could just be so strange at times.
She tried to figure out how to make a response by pressing several buttons, but then the phone started to beep. The screen flashed several times and then turned to black. Sofiel dropped it on the ground as if it had been suddenly possessed. When she picked up, she gave a sigh. She had turned it off by accident by pressing all of the buttons.
As she studied the icons on the screen, she tried to understand how each of them worked. But for her, it just seemed unneccessary. Speech was easier, more to the point. Angel radio was a good form of communication, none of those silly bars of connection controlling whether she could send out a call or not.
But of course, she hadn't been able to jump back on the angel radio ever since the angels had been expelled from Heaven. They knew that she had connections to Castiel, and the Winchesters had forbidden her from reaching out to any of them. She had learned that it was best just to trust Sam and Dean, even if they did leave her alone in the car.
Suddenly, Sofiel's focus on the cell phone was shattered as the radio at the front of the Impala fizzled to life. She slipped the phone into the pocket of her jeans and then tilted towards the radio. It almost sounded like something had popped open and all the air was escaping at once.
She watched with wide eyes as the volume control turned all the way up by itself, a ringing noise consuming the air in the car. She winced slightly, and then the volume turned itself down significantly. But she was still on alert. Something very strange was going on.
A voice came crackling through the radio. "Hello, Sofiel," it said.
Sofiel bit her lip, unsure of how to react to this. Her natural, more human point of view told her that she should try her best to get as far away from that radio as possible. There was a scream in her throat aching to be released. But she was too curious to do such a thing.
She had evidently been spending far too much time with the Winchesters, she thought as she snapped out, "Do you want me to adjust the radio for you? You sound a bit fuzzy." Her words came out stiff and solid, more snarky than anything else.
"Actually, that would be very nice," the voice replied. With these few more...

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