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I Want To Become A Radiologic Technician

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My topic that I am researching is a Radiology Technician. Basically, their job is to help Physicians take x-rays and to help them out with the readings. They also perform cat scans, ultrasounds, and radiation therapy. This article informs the reader of the job duties and occupational specialties. It tells them what they need to be able to do, such as noticing detail and clearly communicating. It also provides them with educational and preparation opportunities. The training is provided and the work environment is in mainly hospitals or, if you are in combat, a mobile field hospital (#10). They need to be physically ready, able and willing to perform their duties. They have to be very alert and vigilant in trying to study and notice the very in depth detail of the images they produce. Radiologist Technicians have a very small field of workplaces they may be at. If they are combat, such as military, they will be in what is called a mobile hospital field. Here, they may tend to and care for the soldiers who have fallen in battle because of a wound or any other difficulties within the body. They may work in a more common space, such as a physician or hospital room. Regardless of where they may work, they will always have a major part in the workforce. Now, lets talk about the equipment they use. One of the many different types of equipment they use is called a Computed Tomography, what this does is it allows technicians to produce many cross-sectioned images of the body. They can use these readings and images to comprehend the problem or problems that are associated with their patient. Next, we have the Sonography equipment,or the ultrasound equipment. This piece of equipment uses high frequency waves to view internal organs and muscles. It is also used to view the womb if need be. Then we have the Mammography equipment. This can view the breast area of the patient. The main use for this type of equipment is the discovery of breast cancer. Finally, we have the Fluoroscopy equipment. This type of equipment can allow technicians to view the body in very detailed images. However, to keep these pieces of medical equipment up and running, they must take solemn practices of sanitizing and cleaning of the materials.
The next part of my research I am discussing will be the salary. Radiation Technologists make plenty of money, believe me on that one. In some states,you may earn up to the range of $50,000 to $60,000 on salary! But, in order to get that much, you need to take certain classes, courses, optional career paths, and other voluntary options. In some states, like California, you can take time to get training from your employer’s company and that can earn really high money.
However, if you are willing to take that option and you are wanting to become a Radiation Technologists, you must be willing to take a hold on the responsibilities and duties. These responsibilities and duties may be challenging, but can be extremely rewarding in the long run....

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