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Radiologic Technology Essay

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Introduction to radiographic scienceChapter 1The primary source used by patients to obtain information about physicians and hospitals is:Friends and relativesWhen choosing a hospital for care, who is primarily making the selection?Patient and familyWhen in need of additional care, what is the main reason that patients return to a certain hospital?Quality of careSelecting a hospital is based primarily on what factors?Courtesy of staff and availability of state-of-the-art technologyThe ability to appreciate that patients feelings is:EmpathyEvery interacting between a radiologic technologist and an inside or outside customer is considered to be:Moments of truthWhen addressing the adult patient for the first time, what should happen?The last name with an appropriate title should be used, along with a pleasant greetingExamples of inside customers include:Co-workers and other departmentsWhat is the primary outside customer served by the radiologist?PatientA statement about conflict resolution is:It must be effectively managed by the radiographerChapter 2What are the four human needs essential for survival?Clothing, food, shelter, and the will to reproduceWhat are the physiologic needs?Recreation, sleep, and nutritionPsychologic care means maintaining:A healthy balance between rational thoughts and emotionsEmotionality is the state of:A sound emotional balanceWhat are the three types of primal reactions to stress?Fight or flight, religious or philosophic belief, and persuasionStatement that is most consistent with the idea of coping with stress is:In coping with stress, you behave in a way you found most rewarding in your past experiencesWhat is the first step in resolving conflict?Identifying the causeWhat is the easiest type of conflict to resolve?Factual issuesPerception is:How an event is perceived is influenced by what is stored in memory.Learning may be improved by:Concentrating on one activity to the exclusion of othersA true statement about listening skills is:We listen at a rate of approximately 500 words per minute.What should you do when reading?Quickly scan the material to be read.Statements about forgetting:Partial forgetting is essential to survivalPainful experiences are forgotten more readily than pleasurable onesBy design, we tend to forget painful events.Errors in remembering are influenced by what?What you wish were soYour prejudicesYour values, beliefs, and hopes.Increasing memory skills require what?Memorizing, even rote drillA purposeful will to rememberWillful attention to events or activitiesChapter 3The need for critical thinking exists for whom?All who work in radiologyCritical thinking means:Thinking logically and wiselyCritical thinking requires that you:Weigh the evidenceEffective thinking and acting is a:Learning process developed over timeStatistics are useful in decision making when the:Statistics have been examined and found validA desirable trait in critical thinking is:InquisitivenessGroup loyalty is:A natural...

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1501 words - 6 pages Services Research, 43(5p1), 1505-1519. doi:10.1111/j.1475-6773.2008.00849. Furlow, B. (2011). Radiation Protection in Pediatric Imaging. Radiologic Technology, 82(5), 421. Heyer CM, Lemburg SP, Peters SA. Pediatric radiology and scientific contributions to radiation dose at the meeting of the German Radiological Society—an analysis of an 11-year period. Eur J Radiol. 2010; 75(2):e135-e140. Patient First. (2008, July). Poor Communication

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1359 words - 5 pages . Oregon & Washington TourBook. Florida: AAA Publishing, 2010. Print. “Radiologic Science.” Oregon Institute of Technology. Web. 18 February 2014. URL: “Radiologist.” Career Centre Occupations. Web. 24 February 2014. URL: Santiago, Andrea. “Radiologist Career Profile.” Health Careers. Web. 25 February 2014


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