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Radiological Science Technology Essay

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When playing outside in the yard, or running from a herd of gargantuan men trying to make a tackle, one might possibly break a bone or tear a ligament. Nevertheless, he/she will need at least an X-ray. Although this is the most common form that comes to mind when thinking about a broken bone, it does not stop here. There are many different jobs that a Radiological Technician can perform: from the most typical X-ray to a three dimensional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), to the critical Nuclear Imaging. Gaining a degree in Radiological Science Technology opens the doors to a wide range of fulfilling and well paying careers. Although here at Central Ohio Technical College it is a tough ...view middle of the document...

Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI uses “strong magnetic fields to align nuclei within body tissues, then uses a radio signal to disturb the axis of rotation of these nuclei and observes the radio frequency signal generated as nuclei return to their baseline states and all surrounding areas” (What). MRI’s give very good tissue contrast, but have a disadvantage because the patient has to lie very still for a prolonged period of time. Not only can the patient find this to be difficult they, also can feel uncomfortable due to the close premises, while the imaging takes place.
Although Nuclear Imaging is limited, it provides excellent displays of the anatomical details of what it is screening. Nuclear medicine deals with cancer, specifically cancer to the thyroid. This form of imaging shows more detailed aspects of organs and bones than that of a regular x-ray (What). A few of the more common forms of Nuclear Imaging are bones, gallium, and thyroid scans.
Radiologists must be very flexible with their work schedules, especially when first starting out in the profession. One can expect to work long days, potentially double shifts, and work holidays and weekends. A radiologist must also possess exceptional communication skills and be a people person. Not only will one be around different co-workers all day, more times than not patients will have many questions that require detailed answers.
When first starting out in Radiology one can expect to make between $36,000 to $48,000 a year depending...

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