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Radiology And Healthcare Essay

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Radiology involves many areas of the health field. Many different types of health services use radiology. One specialty is Radiologic Technology. Radiology goes back to the 1800’s. Radiography is the use of electro magnetic radiation to create an image on a photographic film (“Radiology” Time). The Radiologist Technician is one who operates equipment that creates images of a patient’s body tissue, organs, and bones for the purpose of medical diagnosis and therapies (“Radiologic Technologists”). An examination of the field of radiology is necessary in order to fully understand the work of a Radiologic Technician. An examination of the history, the use of radiology, and the risks involved, who performs the radiography, and who oversees the entire procedure is further essential to understanding this growing field.
The history of radiology goes back to 1895. It came into existence in 1895 when the discovery of X-rays by William Roentgen revolutionized medicine by making it possible for doctors to see inside the body without cutting it open (“Radiologist”). Because of the invention of Radiography unnecessary surgeries were able to be eliminated. The results of this pioneering work were reported to the Society for Physical Medicine of Wurzburg the following month (Tan). The first two decades after its discovery, radiology was used mainly for diagnosis and treatment of fractures and for localization of foreign bodies, such as men from both World Wars who needed bullets removed. Within a few months of Rontgen’s discovery, attempts were made to make films of moving objects. Later, in the 1950’s, this technique was used again (“Radiology” Britannica). The individuals that knew of Rontgen’s work wanted it to get out to the health industry and those responsible for the movement of the industry. There are multiple uses of Radiology.
There are many forms of X-ray available. Radiology is a modern specialty. It is modern in that it crosses geographical boundaries (“Guide”). Radiology is used all over the world and is not limited to just North America. Radiologic Technology is dedicated to conserving life and health (“Radiologic Technologist”). It conserves it by eliminating so many surgeries where many of deaths occur. Medical imaging (X-ray) procedures are many, but a few are: CT scans, which provide three-dimensional images; nuclear medicine studies, in which patients are given a radioactive substance and doctors watch it move through the body (Bogdanich). There is also fluoroscopies, in which a radiation-emitting device allows real-time viewing of the beating of the heart, the pulsing of blood through an artery in the head, or the flushing of urine from the kidneys (Tan). There are others called radiotherapy, gamma x-rays and other radiation sources that are used in the treatment of cancer and related diseases (“Radiology” Britannica). There is an X-ray exam called a Mammogram, which is for the detection of breast cancer (Tan). This examination is...

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