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Radiology And Pregnancy Essay

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For a while it’s been said that x-rays are dangerous for your baby in the uterus. The majority of women do not consider having an x-ray in this situation. Women actually stop going to the dentist because they believe going to the dentist can damage the health of the baby (Weiss, 2012). Should women who are pregnant continue to go to the dentist? If they continue to come, what effects if any does radiation have, on the mom and the baby?
Why should a pregnant woman continue their regular checkups at the dentist? For starters, it is highly encouraged to continue dental cleanings, annual checkups and let your doctor know you are pregnant. It is very safe but, also much recommended. A pregnant ...view middle of the document...

Assisting to the dentist regularly means having x-rays taken but, what does this mean to the mother and the child? It is suggested x-rays be postponed until the baby is delivered. It is proven one single x-ray does not have enough radiation to cause effects to the embryo or fetus. Although this is proven, it is best to avoid potential risks during the fetal organ development which occurs in the first trimester (APA, 2013). The American Dental Association states radiation exposure in dentistry is very minimal to other occasions of exposure. Dental radiation has only a 0.2 percent (Association, 2012). There are two big issues when deciding whether or not to get x-rays while pregnant. They need to know the location of the x-rays and how long radiation will be, that way they can put the proper protection over the abdomen (Weiss, 2012). When parents are exposed to too much radiation it has been related to a change in reproductive outcomes. A woman might have preterm delivery, delayed neurodevelopment and even low birth weight in their baby but, dental care does not produce such high amounts of radiation to produce these effects from just getting an extra oral x-ray (Daniels, Rowland, & Longnecker, 2007). Dental radiation versus x-rays in a hospital have a high difference, therefore dental radiation does not cause...

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