Rafael Trujillo: Dictator Of The Dominican Republic

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Rafael Leónidas Trujillo Molina is without a doubt one of the most known figures within the Dominican history. The “Era de Trujillo” (The Trujillo Era) occupied the Dominican Republic for the long period of thirty-one years. His dictatorship started in 1930 and ended with his assassination on May 30, 1961. Trujillo’s Career began with the occupation of the United States in 1916. During this time he was trained in a military school, and became part of the National Police, a military group made by the Unites States to maintain order in the Dominican Republic . Trujillo stood out during his military career and rapidly ascended within the military ranges. Under the government of Horatio Vasquez Trujillo received the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and was put in charge of chiefs and assistant commanders of the National Police . This new position gave him the opportunity to be part of the overthrowing of Horatio Vasquez. Trujillo was sworn into presidency on August 16, 1930. Marking the beginning of what is known as the cruel, violent and controversial part of history in the Dominican Republic.
Rafael Leonidas Trujillo Molina came into the world on October 24, 1891. He was born in the small city of San Cristobal in the Dominican Republic. He was the son of Jose Trujillo Valdez and Altagracia Julia Molina. Trujillo’s parents were married on September 24, 1887 in San Cristobal. Trujillo’s father was a merchant and was dedicated to buy and sell items that he could make a profit from. His mother was a housewife and was considered very sweet and kind hearted by those who knew her . Not much is known about Trujillo’s childhood and family because he had records changed to not bring any shame brought onto his name. What is known is that he was the third of eleven children. At the age of sixteen Trujillo got a job as telegraph operator, and became a member of “The 42” small gang. Trujillo also worked as a guardia compestre his job was to control the Haitian at sugar cane plantations .
Trujillo was known to the ladies throughout his life. He married a few times. On August 13, 1913 at the age of 21 Trujillo married Amnita Ledesma. On March 30, 1927 at the age of 35 he married Bienvenida Ricardo. A year later he met Maria de Los Angeles Martinez and had an affair with her. Trujillo divorced his wife Bienvenida in 1935 and married Maria. Trujillo had one Daughter with Bienvenida named Oddette Trujillo Ricardo. He also had three children with Maria, Rafael Leonidas Ramfis (1929), Maria de Los Angeles del Sagrado Corazon de Jesus (1939), and Leonidas Rhadames (1942). In 1937 Trujillo met Lina Lovaton Pittaluga and had two children with her Yolanda (1939) and Rafael (1943) .
Trujillo’s rise to power came to him very easily considering what other dictators go through. In 1916 the United stated occupied the Dominican Republic. Trujillo joined the National Guard in 1918 and trained with the U.S. Marines. Here Trujillo was promoted from Lieutenant to general and...

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