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Ragweed Essay

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Arrhenius, Svante -- (Swedish Chemist) p 172-3, 468, 470. Known for work with acids and bases. Defined acids and bases in terms of their behavior when dissolved in water. Also suggested that rate constants vary exponentially with inverse temperature, and that for molecules to react upon collision they must become activated", introducing the parameter Ea became known as the activation energy.Aspdin, Joseph -- (British bricklayer), 827. Patented a product called portland cement that was used in the process for calcining a mixture of limestone and clay. When mixed with water, it hardened to a materical that resembled a kind of limestone found on the Isle of Portland. This product is now used worldwide.Aston, Francis W. -- (British chemist and physicist) 24. Developed technique of mass spectrometry as extension of the measurement of the charge-mass ratio of the electron. The relative masses on the atomic scale are related to absolute mass on the gram scale through a conversion factor. Mass spec is now the most accurate method for determining relative atomic and molecular masses.Avogadro, Amedo -- (Italian chemist) 13-15. Famous for his well-known postulate known as Avogadro's hypothesis, "Equal volumes of different gases (at the same temperature and pressure) contain equal numbers of particles." His work explained much of the previous work by several different chemists. His work was rewarded by the naming of an important constant, Avogadro's number, N0 = 6.022137 x 1023 Balmer, Johann Jakob -- (German chemist) 534. Discovered in 1885 that hydrogen atoms emit a series of lines in the visible region, with frequencies given by a simple formula. His work was not explained for over 30 years.Bartlett, Neil -- (American chemist) 94p, 800-1, 805p. Found in 1965 that by the exposure of sunlight, the thought to be chemically inert noble gases would react with the powerful fluorinating agent PtF6.Becquerel, Antoine Henri -- (French physicist) 499. Known as the discoverer of radioactivity. Reported in 1896 his observation that potassium uranyl sulfate could expose a photographic plate even in the dark. Found this information by the use of the photographic emulsion, a simple radiation detector that are still in use today in the film badges that are worn to monitor exposure to pentetrating radiation.Bednorz, J. Georg -- (German physicist) 831. Responsible for the discovery of the higher transition temperatures among perovskite ceramics. Found a Ba-L-Cu-O perovskite phase having a transition temperature of 35 K. His work set off a string of other scientists researching the same ideas and found ceramics of higher temperatures.Berthollet, Claude -- (French chemist) 10, 783. Believed that the proportions by mass of the elements in a particular compound were not fixed but could vary over a certain range. Berthollides, compounds that whose compositions differ depending on th method of preparation, are named in honor of Berthollet.Bethe, Hans -- (German-born American...

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2461 words - 10 pages the start of the study reduced their intake of medication by the end of the study. Side effects of butterbur may include indigestion, headache, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or constipation (Sadler 237). Pregnant or nursing women, children, or people with kidney or liver disease should not take butterbur (Sadler 237). Butterbur is in the ragweed plant family, so people who are allergic to ragweed, marigold, daisy, or chrysanthemum

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1038 words - 4 pages timeline across the bottom of the illustration that shows the period of time that this succession would take to develop. The first year after cultivation ceases the field is dominated by crabgrass, during the second year horseweed a larger plant that outgrows crabgrass is the dominant species. In the third year after the last cultivation other weeds, broomsedge ragweed and aster become established.In the 5th -15th the dominant plants in the abandoned

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1057 words - 4 pages as medium-red clover and alfalfa grow most rapidly during spring and early summer and again at the end of summer when cool nights follow warm days. The annual grasses include weeds such as lamb's quarters, ragweed, mare's tail, and foxtail, and grasses such as quack grass and switchgrass. Perennial plants include goldenrod, asters, daisy fleabane, brome, timothy, switchgrass, Indiangrass, and big bluestem. These are all examples of succession

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1397 words - 6 pages of our lives with the promise of a new future.Not one to let silence have complete reign, and not one to be too shy with anyone I asked the old man quietly."Seems to work good for your hands huh? how is your back?"I could tell he was stoned, if that ragweed he had had not done it, the stuff I grow damn sure did."it ...feels good" the small judgemental pauses were familiar to me, if you live with chronic pain, it is a surprise when it is gone

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1630 words - 7 pages National Wildfire Federation, many people will suffer from allergy as a result of climate change, which is one of effect of global warming. Also, the New York Times said there was a research and found “a laboratory study done by USDA in 1998 and 1999 found that ragweed pollen counts went from 5.5 grams per plant at carbon-dioxide levels that existed in 1900 to 10 grams at current levels. At predicted CO2 levels in the year 2100, the pollen count

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3117 words - 12 pages plants (including stinging nettle, ragweed, and weedy plantains) (Waldbauer, 2003). If one were recall the structure of these plants, it becomes obvious that these plants do not have any flowers. An important characteristic of wind pollinated plants is the fact that they do not produce any flowers throughout their lifecycle (Waldbauer, 2003). With wind pollinated plants not having any flowers causes them to produce large amounts of pollen that

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2288 words - 10 pages and Chicago to double by the year 2100. These things obviously state that it will be dangerous for humans if we continue on this path to extreme heat. The allergy season is aided by global warming, and some plants that many people are allergic to are aided also. According to the U.S. Global Change Research Program a report found that when higher levels of carbon dioxide associated with global warming are combined with warmer temperatures, ragweed

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2318 words - 9 pages allergies and asthma are having a hard time dealing with the extreme changes. There are a hundred million Americans that deal with these issues; as the air quality continuous to decline so will the ability to overcome asthma and allergies. With more carbon dioxide in the air, weeds such as ragweed and dandelions can grow; these plants release pollen that people are allergic to (Global Warming and Health). Can the world have another plague; it

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2247 words - 9 pages begins, where does it end, and anything that strikes your curiosity. If you're hiking with someone who has allergies such as pollen, ragweed or is allergic to bee stings you need to take this into account . Does this person have their medicine or antibiotics in case of a serious bee attack? My point is bring your medicine. Also, bring milder meds such as benadryl and ibprofen for headaches or pain relief. Keep track of your body temperature and

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2095 words - 9 pages it will be dangerous for humans if we continue on this path to extreme heat. The allergy season is aided by global warming, and some plants that many people are allergic to are aided also. According to the U.S. Global Change Research Program a report found that when higher levels of carbon dioxide associated with global warming are combined with warmer temperatures, ragweed makes more pollen and makes it for a longer time (Didier). Global

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1447 words - 6 pages stopping PCP abuse.(NIDA, 2007)Users should be sent to a In patient facility in which they can be protected from themselves and protect others. Individuals should not be left alone. (Narconon, 2007)CANNABIS:MarijuanaAce,Aunt Mary,Black Bart,Blunt,Boom,Chronic,Doobee,Dope,Ganja,Golden leaf,GOM (good old marijuana),Grass,Hash,Haze,Herb,Hemp,Jay,Leaf,Mary Jane,Nail,Northern lights,Pot,Queen Ann's Lace,Ragweed,Reefer,Skunk,Weed(Phoenix House, 2007

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2299 words - 10 pages will either die or it will build an immunity to that chemical. When this vegetation goes to seed, the plant passes on that ability to resist the chemical. One giant ragweed plant can produce up to 10,300 seeds on a single plant (“Giant Ragweed”). So just think, if a farmer has one giant ragweed plant become immune to a herbicide, the farmer could potentially have 10,300 giant ragweed plants the next year that will not be affected be what is

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968 words - 4 pages secondary succession may occur.In North Carolina an abandoned field was studied years after cultivation during secondary succession. In photo 5.5 (Berg & Raven, 2004) after the first year of the field abandonment annual weed such as crabgrass begin to grow. Then annual and perennial weeds such as horseweed, broomsedge, ragweed, and aster begin to grow two to four years after abandonment.Five to fifteen years later pine seedlings and saplings