Raiders Of The Lost Art Essay

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RAIDERS OF THE LOST ART There seems to be a major problem arising in Egypt and Great Britain. There have been hundreds of recorded art thefts in Egypt. Jonathon Tokeley- Parry is one of the assumed thieves. The thieves steal the art or artifacts to sell to people. Jonathon says that he sells them so they can be saved in people's homes not in poorly guarded museums. This type of problem has been occurring more and more. There are three main solutions. One is for the government to take more control. Two is for Egypt and Great Britain to get stronger laws. The third is to get the United Nations involved. The most valued item Tokely-Parry stole was valued at 1.4 million dollars. The governments are saying that they are destroying clues to older civilizations and it needs to stop.One solution to this problem would be if the governments would take more control. If they did they could educate people about the importance of the antiquities and artifacts, which are their cultural history. By doing that it might make people more cautious about getting the art stolen. That also might make people who do steal these things stop. The government could also hire lawyers like Larry Kaye who is fighting for the return of antiques. If they got more lawyers they would have a better chance to get them back.Right now some of the laws in Egypt are not thought up well. One major problem is that Egypt and Great Britain's laws are different so there is conflict on who is breaking what laws. If Egypt and Great Britain could talk to other countries about their laws before another incident happens they might be able to agree on what should happen with the thief. Or...

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