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“‘Deforestation hits hardest in tropical forests, those vast tracts bordering the equator’” (as stated by Cooper, 1991, September 20). Through out 1990-2007, only three different rainforest have shown a moderate decrease in forest destruction (Newsweek, 2009, December 14). With this information, people around the world will know how important it is to refrain from destroying the forests. If scientists continue to explain the importance of the rain forests leaders of the world will stop most destruction to the rainforests. By stopping most destruction to rain forests the killing animals, the loss of foods, and the destruction of plants will slowly stop. The destruction of Rainforests should be prohibited.
There are many important products that are grown and live in the rain forests. The importance of Rainforests and their surroundings are the fact that they help provide for the people by including these pertinent items; certain foods, spices, and other edible treats. Many items in our very own kitchen originate in the tropical rain forests around the world. A common flavoring ingredient found in hundreds of foods is a vanilla extract. Another tasty treat many Americans could not live without every morning is coffee. According to Nigel Smith and Others in 1991, coffee is important to the consumers and to the economies. With the coffee bean industry beaming, scientists estimated that the industry brings in ten billion dollars annually. Since the beginning of deforestation, there has been an estimated 400,000 hectares of forest remain, a hectare is a unit surface in which one hectare approximately equals 2.471 acres. Nigel Smith & others (1991) found that rainforest obtain over two hundred crop species that are important to the world’s tropical rainforest. Henry Chu (2005) founded that the Amazon is “home” to twenty percent of the world’s fresh water and thirty percent of its plant and animal species. This is an abundant amount of each type of water for one rain forest. Along with this being the home of an abundant amount of fresh and salt water the one fifth of the Earth’s water flows through the Amazon. In which this nourishes over 2,000 types of birds, millions of insects, and 2,500 different fish (Golden, 1989). Because the rain forest has the richest biome on Earth’s surface, these everyday products grow more effectively. As illegal loggers and companies continue to destroy the forest, the important products that could be used as food, drugs, oils, and fuels continue to disappear and become extinct (Smith & others, 1991).
Oxygen is vital to not only the plants and animals lives, but humans too. People of the world already know and understand how important oxygen is to the planet Earth and its inhabitants. The Amazons common nicknames are “the lungs of the world and “the heart of the world.” The origin of the nickname, “the heart of the world”, was created because the Amazon basin drives energy in the form of vapor out of the region. While...

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The Goal Of This Research Paper Is To Describe Rain Forests, Demonstrate Some Of The Causes And Effects Of Deforestation, And Explain What Is Already Being Done To Prevent It

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