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On September 29th we visited Heart Lake Conservation Area, we conducted research on two different habitats; a lake and a deciduous forest. The point of the visit was to see what kind of biotic factors and abiotic factors exist. The goal was to discover how the biomes are surviving health wise and if they are sustainable. Investigating the overall health of the area was done by seeing both habitats' range of plants and animal species. To judge the sustainability of the two environments, their surroundings had to be observed. We had to look for clues that identified whether or not the ecosystems had a sufficient amount of living and non-living organisms to survive. Last but not least, we observed how much human beings have affected the natural environment, what they have taken away or what damages they have left behind.

Our hypothesis with respect to habitats and species that we expected to find were the following:

Aquatic habitats we predicted to encounter were a river and/or a lake. Where there is saturated soil, a swamp may be created. If the ph level goes from neutral to Alkaline, then the swamp may become a marsh. Terrestrial habitats predicted to be seen were a deciduous forest because the environment experiences all four seasons. In areas where increased amount of precipitation occurs, the forests should be coniferous.

Plants that were planned on being seen near the aquatic habitats were weeds and shrubs because the soil quality is not as high as on dry land. In the deciduous forest, trees such as: maple trees and oak trees should grow because they change along with the seasons. In the coniferous forest, pine trees should be seen because they do not change their appearance when the temperature decreases. Flowers may be seen in either territory because they are wild.

A variety of animal species were intended to be spotted, for example: near the swamp predictions were that there will be lots of amphibians and ducks. Having amphibians would cause the ecosystem to have insects. In the forests there may be larger wildlife such as racoons, hares and lynx that will be one big food chain. There should be birds with nests in the trees, and squirrels running around as well.

While at Heart Lake Conservation Area we conducted several deeply studied observations to judge the health and sustainability of two habitats.

First an aquatic habitat, a lake was observed.

Referring to our hypotheses, the soil around the lake must have been more saturated because one part of the lake showed swamp-like characteristics such as moss, amphibians, mosquitoes (insects) and coniferous trees.

Other plants found in or near the lake were: crabgrass, weeds/shrubs, algae, lily pads, wild daisies, fungi, clovers, cattails, and ferns.

Other animal/insect species seen around the lake were bees, a sparrow, a water snake, ducks and geese.

In total, 18 living organisms were seen (11 plant species and 7...

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