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Rainforest Solutions Essay

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Rainforest Solutions With too many opinions to satisfy everyone as a whole, the rainforest issue is known to be one of the greatest struggles the world has encountered. With logging companies scrapping for land, natives trying to live as they always have, ranchers trying to raise cattle, environmentalists working to stop deforestation, and people like me throwing out ideas that may not be agreeable to anyone else, it is easy to see why this precious resource must be taken into great consideration before it is no longer in existence. Which way is the right way to go? How can the government satisfy the majority? The first thing we need to do is to outlaw the current practices that harm the rainforest. Cutting down trees for modernization is an incredibly blind sighted mistake. At the present rate, a portion of the rainforest the size of New York City is being cleared out daily. The rainforest is not an endless resource; in fact, its end seems to be in the near future.The second thing I suggest is that the organizations involved with the rainforest must all work together in solving each other's disputes. Environmentalists must work with logging companies, commercial medical suppliers must work with the cattle ranchers, and so on. The main thing that people need to realize is that the forest is quite limited, and it is completely illogical to tear it down. Once it is gone, its destroyers will need to find new jobs anyway, so why not stop destroying it before it's gone and look for new means of income? Lastly, the government in charge must approve the resolutions that the organizations come to. Once they are approved, they must be enforced. No resolution shall be accepted if it is in any way putting the existence of the rainforest in harms way. This is the only way to guarantee a future for our worlds most important resource.Each individual group involved with the forest will somehow be affected by this plan. The environmentalists will be very supportive of this approach. Their main goal is to stop the deforestation and preserve what is left. The plan I propose fully covers that goal. The government leaders will be asked to do a great deal of overseeing and enforcing. It is in the government's hands to determine whether the plan is effective or faulty. They will most likely feel a lot of strain...

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