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For the past year I have watched my younger sister struggle to support herself and her now 11 month old baby. She makes more than minimum wage. She has struggled to the point where she was evicted and now lives with me. I have also experienced struggling on low pay. When I was eighteen, I was kicked out of my family’s house, and I was only making $8 an hour. There were days where I had to choose between paying rent and getting my electricity shut off, just because I couldn’t work enough hours to pay all of my bills. It can be very scary to only make minimum wage and have to support yourself. There are changes that need to be made so that every person can live properly with any job. Minimum wage needs to go up.
Minimum wage should be raised to at least $15 an hour. Doing so would benefit lower classes of people greatly. Higher minimum pays will keep people from needing assistance from the government, give them more money to spend, and it would make minimum wage do what it’s intended to do.
When families don’t make enough money to support themselves they usually end up depending on the government for assistance. The government helps some families buy food, gives struggling mothers cans of formula for their babies, and will help when families get shut off notices for their utilities. Impoverished people will wait in line for extended amounts of time, and go through multiple applications to get the help they need. These processes will take away from the time they could use to work, and doesn’t even guarantee that help will be administered. With the limited budget that the state has, a person would have to fall under a certain line of poverty to be eligible for help. This makes the help offered contingent and hard to get, even when needed severely.
Raising minimum wage will lower the amount of people who depend on the government for assistance. Full time workers, who are stuck working lower end jobs, will not have to worry about having enough money for bills because of low income. Workers will also be able to afford food for their families along with other necessities. Raising minimum wage will put money in the pockets of people who need to spend it and want to spend it.
Most fulltime workers, who make minimum wage, spend their entire paycheck every pay period. Making more money, they will be more likely to be able to afford to live comfortably. More money also means being able to take care of minor problems and splurging a little on entertainment. This will put money back into circulation instead of sitting in a bank or nowhere useful. Money will be more likely to be spent at different businesses and help stimulate the economy. The extra money going into businesses will help fund the extra pay for employees.
Many people are concerned about the inflation that might happen because of rising prices to pay employees more. However, the way American businesses are being run is obviously failing, especially with how many people who are homeless and...

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