'raising A Child With A Disability

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Raising A Child With A Disability
A child with a disability is having someone that has been diagnosed whether at birth, from an illness, or an accident that can leave a person with a disability. Sometime a person may not be diagnosed until years later. This disability which will not allow a person to function on a regular day to day basis. Therefore, someone has to take on that responsibility to assist that child to make sure they are taken care of. A child can be born with multiple disabilities and this is only to name a few: Down’s Syndrome, Autism, Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder(ADHD), Mental Retardation. Each disability can be different. Some can be more severe than others. they can come from different cultures and financial status. Even as a person grows older a disability can occur.

Raising a child with a disability may have some difficulties and challenges but it will have a lot of rewards; just as having a normal child. A parent want their child to live a normal fulfilling life as any other normal child. This life style will take extra patience, time and adaptive equipment and a special person to do it. When accepting that your child has a disability it is good to get all the literature on that type of disability. This will help you understand your child’s disability. A parent involvement is needed to find support groups, so they can get some insight on things someone from the support group has done to get certain things accomplished.

Children with disabilities are more in the public eye than years ago, although they are still treated differently. Our society treats them differently from lack of education on special needs. The society labels them and make their lives more difficult than it has to be because the society is not equipped for their disability. They are “discriminated against by employment, housing, public accommodations, education, transportation, communication, recreation, institutionalization, health services, voting and access to public services”. There are laws for any public establishment to be handicap accessible but that does not help with all the other problems that they face.
Children with disabilities tend to have a variety premedical conditions and need more support. Some don’t have insurance and private companies refuse coverage, so this requires them to seek public assistant (Supplemental Support Income-SSI) but still income places a major role in qualifying. If the parents make too much money the child will have to wait to receive SSI when they turn 18 years old.
Raising a child with a disability can have stress on the family, especially the mother. Families sometimes have different ways of coping with a special needs child. It can often take time for a family to adjust or feel comfortable dealing with this new life style. Parents of special needs child will need the support from their family and outside of their family. Having a child with a disability can even tear families apart due...

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