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Raising Awareness And Prevention Of Drug Misuse In Secondary School Students

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Substance misuse is the continued use of drugs or alcohol despite negative consequences to the individual using, their friends, family and the community. Many individuals who are addicts start using some form of recreation or prescribed drug at first and become dependent over time due to inappropriate use. The Misuse of Drug Act, (1971) declare that export, produce and possession with intent to supply are illegal. This is why drug misuse is usually considered as a crime while most individuals overlook it as a mental health issue. As a result of this, most people do not come forward to seek help because of the stigmatization and the fear of the law. The united kingdom ranks as ...view middle of the document...

The site of intervention will be public secondary schools in Manchester, North West England. Public schools were chosen in order to help reduce and inequalities that may arise as a result of deprivation, poverty or ethnicity. Moreover, apart from education, schools usually assume the responsibility of addressing health and social issues. This population is important because of the high rate of drug use in the area. Although, the highest number of deaths occurs among the 40-49 age groups (ONS, 2013), most drug addicts admit to using of drugs early in their teen years. Manchester in North West of England will be chosen because of the high rate of drug misuse in the area.

The Getting To Outcomes (GTO) planning model (Chinman et al. 2004) will be used for the implementation of this programme as it is suitable for long term projects. It was initially designed to improve on substance misuse programmes. GTO will be of importance because it is flexible, recognizes existing programmes and has checklists for accountability (Wiseman et al. 2007). However the use of checklists can be limiting and this programme will adopt some steps from the Precede-Proceed model. PRECEDE is an acronym for Predisposing, Reinforcing and Enabling Constructs in Educational Diagnosis and Evaluation, this involves an educational diagnosis while PROCEED is for Policy, Regulatory, and Organizational Constructs in Educational and Environmental Development which involves an ecological diagnosis (Green and Kreuter 2005, Glanz and Rimer 2005). The Precede-Proceed model recognizes that there are multiple factors that are responsible for people's behaviour,it outlines a detailed evaluation process and it is a health education planning model (Green and Kreuter, 2005). The following steps from the GTO model will be taken in planning, delivering and evaluation of the programme:
1. Identify health need. Gathering of data and expert opinion on the health problem.
2. Choose target group, set realistic goals and objectives.
3. Adopt and modify existing programmes to fit target group.
4. Examine chosen programme and assess its acceptability in the community.
5. Assess financial and human resources. Will these be enough to meet the goals and objectives? If not, then who do we partner with and how do we raise funds.
6. The implementation will be carried out in the following pattern:
- Making a budget.
- Recruiting and Training of non-teaching and teaching staff that will assist with programme delivery.
- Delegate roles.
- Classroom lectures will be held once a week.
- Non-classroom activities e.g. football, quiz, art projects. This activities will feature parents, policemen, health and social workers.
- Role modelling activities.
- Distribution of leaflets and booklets.
- Place posters at approved points in the corridor, cafeteria and gymnasium.
- Signposting students that are currently involved in drug misuse to relevant institutions.
7. Carrying out a process and impact...


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