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Investing in employees is the single most important investment that a company can make. A lot of Americans are now in deep poverty, or have a huge amount of debt to catch up too. With the thought of that, in the United States today, millions of Americans are living on the federal minimum wage of $7.25. For this case, it is necessary that there is a need for an increase in the federal minimum wage because it would be much more beneficial to both the economy of the United States and to individual workers because more Americans need spending power, higher minimum wage will help close the wide gap between the wealthy and the poor, and the working poor need to protect themselves in case something goes wrong.
Most Americans throughout the nation need more money. Knowing that Americans are only making $7.25 an hour, which does very little justice on trying to survive today’s economy. Higher minimum wage will give spending power back to a large number of Americans. Restoring spending power will allow all people, not just the wealthy, to stimulate the economy. Just going to an average fast food restaurant, people normally spend around six to seven dollars on one person's meal. That is already one hour of work, gone. With an increased pay raise, it allowed people to have the ability to spend more money on necessary goods such as food and clothing. Plus, the more people spend on goods; it helps stimulate the economy, and thus creating a better economy for everyone to live in. When people continue to be able to buy more food, it overall concludes to a healthier environment because you can purchase healthier food, which in the end will contribute to medical payments. Eating healthier food won’t make you sick as often and greasy and dirty foods will. Greasy and dirty foods can cause illnesses because of the amount of bacteria that revolves around them, and also because dirtier food could be poisoned or mixed with bad bacteria. With a family of four and one person working, minimum wage will not cover all essentials for a family. One essential that a family needs is clothes. Depending on where the family lives clothes cost a variation of amounts, but most is expensive. Also depending on where you live and how fast you grow, you will need to buy a variation of clothes for the winter and summer. With a family of four, it is almost incapable of happening. An average article of clothing cost anywhere between $15-30 for one piece. That is more than 2 hours of work. Imagine that, plus only getting an average of $290 a week. That will not last very long, which is very irritating to some people because they don’t want to let their family down, but raising minimum wage will help that tremendously. Another example that could take place is in an emergency like needing to stay late for work, and needing someone to babysit your kids. Many people cannot afford to do that with such little pay and have no choice but to leave work on time. With that happening and many not...

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