Raising The Age Of Smoking To Twenty One

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Raising the Age
The complex question that was asked in the post was, “What are the consequences the city of New York will face by raising the smoking age to twenty-one?” This paper will discuss the multifaceted controversial subject facing the New York City residents; those ages eighteen through twenty-one and many merchants around the city. Multiple opinions show why this bill is a very good decision when looking at the health at these eighteen to twenty-one year olds in addition to the city’s youth. When another argument shows the financial hardships going to be felt because this bill passed legislation. Then, there are those making claims about someone that is adult enough to go to war for our country should be adult enough to smoke.
It is common knowledge the use of tobacco products are bad for the health of users. A perfect example of this is shown by The American Lung Association, as explained on their website, “Every year in the U.S. over 392,000 people die from tobacco-caused disease, making it the leading cause of preventable death. Tragically, each day thousands of kids still pick up a cigarette for the first time.” The city is making an effort with this bill to cut back the capacity these young people have to tobacco products on the streets. USA Today’s Melanie Dostis, quotes Michael Seliback, vice president of public policy and communications at the American Lung Association of the Northeast in saying, “Ninety-five percent of adult smokers lit up their first cigarette before they turned 21.” Understanding the seriousness of protecting the youth and the addiction to tobacco, it only makes sense to stop them before the habit begins. New York City is undertaking the monumental task of saving lives before they are in danger of this toxic killer.
The benefits are there to see, why the City has made this stand by signing a legislative bill to keep tobacco products out of the hands of the city’s youth. But, there are also many arguments up against this bill (Williams). Financially, there is going to be a great burden on many small store owners in the city, as well as the city itself, and additionally the state. "I'm going to lose a lot of business," deli owner Wadah Arbuya told CBS New York. "I'm going to get hurt big time. Half my sales of cigarettes is between 18 and 21." If this legislation is making a large impression on a deli owner, it will substantially impact those owners of smoke shops, selling predominately all tobacco products.
The city is going to see a significant drop in revenue, with this bill. New York City has the highest cigarette tax rate in the United States with the minimum price for per pack of cigarettes in the city is $10.50. The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, illustrate that of the minimum amount, $1.50 of that goes to the city of New York and $4.35 is taxed by the state of New York. It is clear these administrations will see a hindrance with the deficiency of these sales of raising the age.
The last argument...

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