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Raking Through The Muck Of Government Lies

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Corruption and deception are both traits that have become widespread in the United States Government of present time. Things ranging from lies used to misdirect the general populous, to large amounts of money being used for undisclosed reasons, are just some of the common-found problems. In my research I found many things that strike me as unimaginable, or outright unbelievable. Although the United States seems to have an over-lying façade that depicts it as a fair, equality-ridden country, that is obsessed with being "politically correct" so as not to offend anyone, I assure you, there is a much more diabolical machine that lives within the substructure of the place we call home.Although a seemingly inadvertent lie does not seem like much, I feel that this particular one should be brought to attention.In Franklin D. Roosevelt's national address to Congress, on December 8, 1941, concerning the attack on Pearl Harbor, by the Empire of Japan, Roosevelt states that the United States was at peace with Japan and that the attack was "unprovoked".""¦I ask that the Congress declare that since the unprovoked and dastardly attack by Japan on Sunday, Dec. 7, a state of war has existed between the United States and the Japanese empire"¦" "" Franklin D. Roosevelt By stating that the attack was unprovoked, Roosevelt was implying that the United States gave Japan no reason for the attacking of Pearl Harbor. This in and of itself is wrong. Roosevelt knew of the circumstances surrounding the situation with Japan. He knew that there were currently negotiations being held with Japan. He knew that the United States had placed an oil embargo on Japan. Foreign Minister Shigenori Togo proposed a conciliatory rebuttal, known as the "Five Points Plan," offering some concessions and seeking to continue discussions. It asked that the embargo be lifted for three months while further negotiations were held.Japan knew from decoded cables that the United States had been seriously considering some of the offers, but on November 26, 1941, Japan picked up the message that essentially ordered Japan to remove It's forces from China and Indochina or "prepare to face the consequences". This apparently caused Foreign Minister Shigenori Togo to believe that the United States had decided on war.The United States was certainly not "at peace" with Japan.Franklin D. Roosevelt knew he was lying when he gave his speech. He also knew, however, that an "unprovoked" attack would arouse more action from Congress, and the American people, than a retaliatory attack.From the beginning, the attack on Pearl Harbor was thought, by some, to be some type of conspiracy on the part of the United States. It seemed all too strange that the entire fleet of Japanese ships was "lost". At that time, though, it was said that the fleet was moving in strict radio silence, so as not to give away their position. In recently declassified naval documents, some of which have been altered so...

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