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Ralph Nader And Why He Is A Better Candidate Than Bush Or Kerry

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Top Reasons to Vote for NaderThese days with the election coming up so soon we are all hearing and seeing plenty of political advertisements for the upcoming presidential elections, trying to persuade us that they will be the best president... How do you really know, which president will be best for your needs? Although Kerry and Bush have a combined 98 percent of the votes, and most of the media, attention, where does Ralph Nader factor in? According to the American Research group and Fox News Channel, Ralph Nader is currently receiving 2% of the American vote, without any corporate money used toward his campaign. According to, there are many more progressives who pay plenty of attention to politics, and know what Nader stands for, and even agree with him, yet won't vote for him because they feel it is more important to get Bush out of the White House. Also according to keepmedia, liberals in California, for example are much more likely to vote for Nader than in Iowa per say because Kerry is predicted to win by about 8%, an extremely large margin in the Electoral College, yet in Iowa where the vote is tied at 49%, strong liberals aren't as likely to vote for him. Yet another way in which Nader gets the shaft is that in California, among many other states, he doesn't even appear on the ballot and can only be a write-in. If you count these factors into the mix, it is certain that Nader would clearly get a much higher percentage of the vote, even than he did in 2000 (5%), and it is possible he could have a chance at winning the election if no "polls" were ever done. Even though 57% of Americans surveyed would like to see Ralph Nader in a debate, he still isn't allowed to debate against Bush or Kerry. Why would either Bush or Kerry not want to debate against Nader, it's simple, they know they would lose. Finally, a different reason Nader doesn't have a high percentage of the votes is because the only money he uses to fund his campaign comes fully from public financing (donations). Nader knows this country has a great deal of problems, and would solve a great number of them, if president, by using the money typically used for campaigning directly toward American problems/ issues or even for tax cuts.Ahh yes, and to Respond to Tony Delahanty's quote implying the commonly stated, "a vote for Nader is a vote for Bush," is completely WRONG! First of all no one is entitled to votes, they must be earned. The truth of the matter is that George Bush's recount strategy won the election for Bush. Or maybe it was the deceptive ballots, which the Democratic officials themselves, voted for. Or Tony, could it be the tens of thousands of non ex-felons that were not allowed to vote, typically Democratic voters? Could it be the 5-4 US Supreme Court decision to suddenly stop the recount just before the primarily "black" neighborhoods were counted, (as thrown in Jeffrey Toobin's book Too close to Call)? All these factors aside, could it be that Gore just...

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