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Rama: The God Among Men Essay

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From a young age it was known that Rama was a special human being. This was apparent to Viswamithra who saw something special in Rama and eventually became his spiritual guide. In Ramayana, Rama’s quest to fulfill his Dharma is an ongoing process that is continually changing. Even though being ‘perfect’ is subjective based each persons views, in my eyes Rama captures all the traits that exemplify a perfect man.
Many of Rama’s qualities and philosophies come from his initial quest with Viswamithra and the stories he was told. One of his first experiences came after he was hesitant about killing Thataka because she is a woman, but is reminded to look at her inner being because that is where the truth lies in a person. This is seen with Rama’s relation to animals. When he meets Jatayu, Jambavan, and Hanuman in animal form, he sees past their physical bodies and recognizes them for their true being or their soul. His behavior here is the perfect example of the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” These sayings that we hear as children to teach us how we should act are all reflected in Rama’s actions. In The Birth of Jesus and Rama in Christian and Hindu Sacred Texts, Freek Baker states “Rama is first and foremost the upholder of the dharma, an example and a hero, but who looks deeper discovers that he is really an avatara of Vishnu.” Rama is the person who every person tries to emulate because he has god-like characteristics.

Rama’s journey towards achieve his Dharma is first seen after Rama completely accepts his banishment and does not doubt the decision he believes his father has made. This action shows a characteristic that is essential to Rama’s journey, which is acceptance. He is not thinking about how long he will be banished or that he cannot claim the throne, but Rama only sees this situation as a path that is necessary towards fulfilling his Dharma. He is what we today would call an optimist, but he truly understood the world in a god-like way. He has only lived a life as a king’s son and had everything given to him, so he sees his banishment as an opportunity to see the world in a new way. Thomas de Bruijn states “The story exemplifies a fundamental ‘problem’ in Indian culture: that is, the conflict between the transcendent authority of dharma and its implementation in worldly matters”
Rama is someone who always shows respect. An example of this is on page 91 when Rama is talking to Hanuman and says, “No, you are a man of learning and I am only a warrior and you should not touch my feet.” He sees the godliness of Hanuman and although others see Rama as a god, he sees himself as a warrior. Later on in this chapter Rama’s respect for the gods is shown when he kills Vali. Although Vali sees this as a cowardice move, Rama again sees the greater picture of the situation. His ability to see the soul of a man allows him to recognize that Vali is a god. After learning about Vali’s past actions, Rama shoots him in the fashion that he...

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