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Effects Of Alcohol On The Brain

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Megan GustafsonWR 121-001November 8, 2013Max RubinAlcoholMolly McCarter was one of biggest role models growing up. She was on Columbia County Rodeo Court, Scappoose Sauerkraut Festival Queen and still managed to have time to hang out with her friends and do well in school. Five years ago on July 15, 2008 she died at the age of 17. She died in a car accident in which she was the passenger. Molly and the driver, who was under the influence of alcohol, were driving home from a party on Honeyman Road in Scappoose, Oregon when the driver veered off the road, hitting a tree on Molly's side of the car and killing her instantly. I still remember the day it happened.Tragedy struck again on October 20, 2012 my friends' dad, Nathan, decided to go out drinking. He was out for a while, but still thought he was sober enough to drive home. While on his way home, driving on highway 30 between Deer Island and Rainier he decided he was going to try and pass the car in front of him. He did not realize as he attempted to pass that there was a car coming toward him; Nathan and the other car crashed head on. Nathan was life flighted to the hospital, which is where we were told that he was either going to die or remain a "vegetable" for the rest of his life. Nathan has surpassed everything we were told and has gotten most of his memory back, as well as his motor skills, allowing him to speak and write. Even though he is doing so well, he continues to live in a rehabilitation assisted living home and will continue to live there for at least another 6 months.Another not so severe accident that has had a lasting impact on my opinion on drinking and driving involves my cousin Derek. One night about three years ago he went out drinking with some friends. Derek knew he wasn't sober enough to drive so he let his friend drive his car. They got into a crash and Derek broke both of his legs in two places, broke multiple ribs, and broke his arm. He's lucky that that's all that happened to him, but he is now one of the major reasons why I am against drinking and driving.The one thing that links all three of these car accidents together is the presence of alcohol. I would like to write my paper on why people choose to drink and drive. But I know that this topic is to open-ended and that there are many different reasons as to why people drink and drive, and not enough research available to be able to tell me exactly why people decide to do so. So to narrow my research I decided to go with what effects alcohol has on the brain. This way I'm still doing research under the main topic of alcohol. Another question that I could ask to help with supporting details could be what are the effects of alcohol on the brain having to deal with one's ability to make good decisions.To begin my research I began by looking up the effects of alcohol on the brain. There are many known effects alcohol has on the brain, such as difficulty walking, blurred vision, slurred speech, slowed reaction times and...

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