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Effects Of Binge Drinking On College Students

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According to Veronica Harper’s Effects of Binge Drinking on College Students College students are more likely to consume alcohol more than people of the same age who are not attending college. Almost half of the college students that consume alcohol are considered binge drinkers (Five drinks in a row at one sitting for a man and four drinks in a row at one sitting for women). Many students believe the use of alcohol is a big part of the college experience, thus can be concluded that the college atmosphere may influence and nurture increased alcohol consumption. The amount of alcohol the student drinks varies according to their age, where they live, and with whom they associate (Harper).
As stated in the article, if students begin using alcohol in high school, they are more likely to experience the negative consequences of heavy drinking in college. Occasional binge-drinkers are eight times more likely to miss a class, fall behind on their school work, affecting their academics greatly (Harper). On the other hand, college students who are older when they begin to consume alcohol tend to experience better academic and personal adjustment, therefore succeed further with overall adjustments within college. The later the age, when students first use alcohol, the more likely they are to have a better GPA (grade point average) and the less probability that they have consumed alcohol within the past years.
As mentioned in the article, Students who average an “A” typically consume 3 drinks per week, “B” students have 5 drinks per week, and “C” students consume 6 per week, and “D” students drink 10 or more alcoholic beverages a week (Harper). Almost one fourth of respondents to the Core Survey specified that they had done poorly on a test or project as a result of heavy drinking the night before, and nearly one third reported having missed class due to alcohol according to Veronica Harper’s article. However, there are numerous factors that researchers failed to take into account when associating alcohol consumption and GPA, and when these factors are accounted for the correlation tends to...

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