Effects Of World War Ii On America

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In September of 1939, a global war had begun when Hitler led the German forces to invade Poland. The American president was reluctant on entering the war because he was building allies in the western hemisphere and was focused on making life better on the home front. Tragedy struck America on the morning of December 7, 1941 when the Japanese conducted a surprise aerial attack against the United States naval base at pearl harbor. The lethal and deadly force of the attack spurred President Franklin Delano Roosevelt to realize it was time to enter the war. As American troops were being sent off to war citizens' lives on the home front changed dramatically. The soldiers were being taken care of before the people and did not experience the rationing of his or hers supplies.
The rationing drew a fatal blow to the home front when America entered the second world war. Our local county workers would hold daily interviews for each household to acquire a rationing book. The number of stamps that were received depended on the size of a person's household, and these stamps were used to buy goods. The supplies that were being rationed regularly was tires, gas, sugar, meat, butter and shoes. Even the speed limit during this time period was decreased to thirty-five miles per hour to conserve on the use of tires. Families frequently used drip gas in a personal vehicle as an alternative fuel to save the gas vouchers that were given. Numerous citizens in Oklahoma were not affected by the rationing by having access to orchards for fruit, farms for the meat supply and gardens that would supply vegetables. Families did anything to preserve food, and generally used a pressure cooker or oven to complete this task. Bartering was often used in communities during this time period to make sure each family had all the supplies that were needed. "On Friday nights a neighborhood would get together to play cards and have dinner. A family may have cooked a pie, and the neighbors each had prepared a side dish to complete a meal. People never were hungry and always had a meal to eat," said Marjorie Smith (qtd. in Smith). Even with the war happening overseas the households constantly made the best of every situation to make sure the children were fed and well taken care of. Before World War II, the woman's role was primarily in the household taking care of the everyday needs of the house and the children, but that changed shortly when women were being moved into the working field.
More than six million women took employment outside of the home, and many of the women had never been paid for working. Rosie the Riveter was an iconic figure during the war she showed women a sense of independence by taking them from the household into the workforce. Adult women in Oklahoma frequently went to work in oil fields, gas wells and built airplanes or even worked at-large ship yards. During the war-time, the women were able to prove to America that ladies were just as physically strong as...

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