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R Andom Essay

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Hey Everyone! Today, I'm here with the author of "Keeping the Moon". Please welcome the one-and-only, Sarah Dessen! So Sarah, tell me, should our audience read this book? Why or why not?
-I believe that all of you should read "Keeping the Moon", because it's filled with a variety of features such as an interesting setting, unique characters, as well as the varying writing style displayed in this book.
Describe the setting of "Keeping the Moon".
-This book is set in a beach town named Colby, in North Carolina, which is where the main character, Colie, spends her entire summer. It's a small town, yet it's also where many of the characters discover who they really are. But you're going to have to read the book to find out the outcome of this attempt.
Who are some the unique characters in this book?
-There are a variety of unique characters in "Keeping the Moon", such as….
Nicole Sparks, who is known as "Colie" throughout this story. Colie is the main character, as well as narrator of this story. When her mother became a fitness trainer and is told she is qualified to take a European fitness tour over the summer, 15 year-old Colie, is sent to her aunt Mira's house in Colby, North Carolina, where she meets a few new people and regains her confidence. Colie also has many unique physical attributes, but you'll have to read the book to find out more about them.

The next unique character in this story is….
Kiki Sparks, who is Colie's mother. Kiki becomes a famous exercise guru, and sometimes gets so caught up in maintaining her new lifestyle, that she doesn't pay as much attention to Colie. Prior to becoming a personal trainer, Kiki and Nicole both suffered through a few very unhealthy and rough years, which is what had held them back...

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