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Random Acts What this book is about: This book is about a criminal profiler Laurel Madden, she is at the top of her league. At her job in California, she is known as brilliant, beautiful, and one tough cookie says, Dan Sprague her colleague. She was very secretive about everything she did. Dan always wondered how she understood the criminal mind so well. He always wondered if it had anything to do with her past, or why she was such dark and secretive person. However, he had more things to worry about he was on the verge of solving the case of the disappearing children. His only problem was Madden. She always did have her way of standing between Dan and his work.Dan tried not to let it phase him, because he was raising two daughters on his own, after his wife died if cancer, he needed his job so henever did question her.While they were in California a reporter Claire Gillispe, from New York was sent to cover the story. She was sent right when she had finally landed an important meeting, which she had been waiting months for. So when her boss told her she had to pick up and leave she was not not too happy about it. When she finally got to California, she had a more personal agenda she wanted to reveal the veil of secrecy that Madden had around her. When she started to question Madden she was very secretive and would not let Claire get a word out of her, so Claire decided to look up all the stuff on Madden that she could. When she asked her boss to look her up, it turned out that Madden had committed murder! However, the worst part about it is that she got away with it. The thing is that the case that her boss pulled her had much to do with this.It turns out that she was working on a case of her friends murder and the murderer happened to be Madden. When Claire found out, she wouldn't rest until justice was given to the victim, in this case, her friend. The only problem with this is that when Dan met Claire and suddenly had an irresistible passion for her, but Madden was his colleague and even though they were not close friends he still had a respect for her. But even though they both had feelings about Dan, as a friend and a lover they were determined to beat the other at their own game. After a close encounter to death Claire finds out one important thing that hunting a killer is a very dangerous game! Claire called into her boss a couple days after her encounter to assure him that she was okay.He told her to stay out of it and just come back to New York so that he could send someone else out on the case. She refused to come back and said that her friend came first in this matter.After she spoke to her boss, she was notified that there was a body found. The killer had probably left it there. With the body was a clue for Claire. She thought is was Madden who was the killer, but actually, it was not, it was one of her old friends. A friend that she had left because of an obsession he had grown for her. It was the only friend who know what she had...

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Random Acts What This Book Is About: This Book Is

1199 words - 5 pages Random Acts What this book is about: This book is about a criminal profiler Laurel Madden, she is at the top of her league. At her job in California, she is known as brilliant, beautiful, and one tough cookie says, Dan Sprague her colleague. She was very secretive about everything she did. Dan always wondered how she understood the criminal mind so well. He always wondered if it had anything to do with her past, or why she was such dark and

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