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Random Drug Testing Essay

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593,000 teenagers have tried inhalants such as glue, gasoline, or nitrous oxide to get high for the first time in the last year(qtd “The Truth About Inhalants"). 1 in 5 students use marijuana regularly, 18 percent of teenagers use tobacco products, 14 percent abuse prescription drugs(“Drug Facts”). To counter this, schools have began to adopt policies which require students who wish to join a club, play a sport, or do school activities to sign up for random drug tests. Its becoming very popular in middle schools, high schools, and colleges. Although many parents say that drug testing in high schools and middle school is an invasion of privacy the NFL, NCAA, US government, and I agree that ...view middle of the document...

In the next few years, it is expected that most schools in the United States will begin to implement such policies. (“Frequently Asked Questions About Drug Testing in Schools.")
Perhaps its a little uncomfortable and awkward for kids to go to the nurse and urinate in a cup to be tested. Thats a valid concern, however, the argument that the school should stay out of its students business and personal life is just ridiculous. It’s the schools job to protect its students. Drug testing not only helps students who are using drugs but also discourages students from doing them our of fear of getting caught. The minor awkwardness that the student has to endure once in a blue moon is a small price to pay for protection against the dangerous world of drugs.
The National Collegiate Athletics Association(NCAA) holds the responsibility of keeping a safe and drug free athletics environment. They started in 1986 when they began testing athletes who made it to a championship game. In 1990 they began their year round testing schedule investing 4.5 million dollars to collect 13,500 samples. Additionally, 90...

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